Flood Clean Up

The Disaster Company is a Layton, UT based disaster cleanup company providing flood cleanup in Utah. Our staff of trained, certified and licensed professionals can assist you with any flood cleanup task quickly and safely. When looking for fast and professional flood cleanup services for your home or business, call The Disaster Company.

Flooding can be caused by both natural and man-made sources. Utah residents are, of course, pretty familiar with the former due to the major runoff experienced as we transition from a cold winter to a warm spring. However, manmade sources such as busted pipes can be just as detrimental and difficult to contain and are pretty common in Utah during the cooler months. Prevention is of course the best method for dealing with flood seasons, but if you’ve found yourself in the middle of a flood at your home or business and need a little help out, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re dealing with a simple leak or a full-fledged flood, our clean up team will provide a fast response to your call to ensure the best end result possible. Our team members are courteous and strive to insure that your cleanup is done with the highest level of customer satisfaction.