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Utah Smoke Odor Removal

The Disaster Company is Equipped With a Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Smoke and Fire Remediation Team. Our Experts are Ready to Help 24/7, With Smoke Damage Restoration, Cleanup, and Repair.

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Our Utah Smoke Damage Restoration Team is Standing By

After a major house fire, you’re left with more than just visible fire damage to your home and belongings. After a fire disaster at your home or business, heat, and pressurized smoke can permeate the air, affecting obvious interiors such as flooring, carpet, fixtures, window coverings, paint, and wallpaper. Smoke smell and odor can also waft their way into interior wall frames and wood studs, HVAC systems, ceiling cavities, and attic spaces. Smoke can find its way anywhere air can travel. Smoke odors pose an invisible danger and can last for years if the affected area and materials are not properly contained, cleaned, repaired, deodorized, or replaced.

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We Work With All Insurance Companies

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Utah Smoke Damage Restoration

Every fire is unique, as are the damage and cleanup. The reparation process varies depending on the type of materials that burned, the types of chemicals that reacted, how long the blaze lasted, and the intensity of the heat.

Even after a small fire, it is important to get a professional assessment from the certified disaster experts at The Disaster Company right away. Our team of smoke experts can determine the extent of smoke damage and assess your property for smoke fumes and soot residue that can cause health hazards. The faster you reach out to us, the quicker we can get to work removing debris, fumes, and residue—returning your home to its pre-loss condition, and making it safe for you and your family to return home.

Your Trustworthy and Reliable Restoration Experts

Our remediation team is available to respond to smoke disaster calls in about an hour. As soon as we arrive, we assess the damage, plan our response, and get to work on restoring your property. The Disaster Company has been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. Our professionals have undergone rigorous background checks, are heavily insured, and carry a B-10 contractor’s license. As smoke damage clean-up and repair experts, we can stop further problems and losses from occurring to your property. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 801-741-0000. We are here to help you through any kind of fire and smoke disaster and understand what a devastating event it can be for you and your family.

We proudly serve the Ogden, Utah area as well as throughout Southwestern Wyoming and Northern Utah

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What Now? What to do After a Fire and Smoke Disaster

1. Contact your insurance company

The Disaster Company works with all insurance companies. We will be in touch with your insurance every step of the way to verify what they will and will not cover and provide you with an itemized list of our fees.

2. Check on family members and pets who were involved in the fire

Be aware of how everyone is feeling. If you or anyone in your family are feeling shortness of breath or having trouble breathing, consult a doctor.

3. Find a place to stay until your home is restored

Regardless of the size of the fire, it’s a good idea to move into a safe living situation, even temporarily. Once our fire damage restoration experts give you the all-clear, you can re-enter your home safely.

4. Locate important documents

It’s critical to know which documents, if any, were lost in the fire, especially homeownership documentation and insurance documents which you will need during this process. Contact your agencies to begin getting replacements as soon as possible.

Smoke Odor Removal & Deodorization

The Disaster Company addresses smoke damage repair, smoke damage clean up, and smoke odor removal. We have a thorough multistep process that includes assessing, cleaning, repairing, and rebuilding property affected by flames, smoke, fumes, and soot. Our skilled team gets to work on a wide variety of services that include:

  • Structural and interior cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Debris removal of smoke-damaged items
  • Floor replacement/carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning and removing soot, residue
  • Smoke odor removal and sanitizing
  • Deodorization and decontamination
  • Painting walls
  • Restoring woodwork
  • Repairing and painting ceilings
  • Salvage and preservation
  • Storing belongings
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Things We Consider When Assessing Smoke Damage

  • Smoke infiltration, and the extent of smoke fumes, both visible and invisible

  • HVAC operations, and if the system is compromised by soot and smoke

  • Smoke damaged walls, especially interior wall framework,

  • Smoke damage to interior finishes, especially carpets, furniture, and belongings

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