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Utah Storm DamageCleanup & Repair

Residential and Commercial Wind/Storm Damage Clean Up in Ogden and Surrounding Areas

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Our Utah Storm Damage Repair Team is Standing By

So-called “acts of God” can be among the most frustrating and scary disaster events you can encounter. A severe storm or hurricane can come virtually out of nowhere, leaving you little time to prepare or react. When a storm strikes, you need an experienced, certified, knowledgeable partner to help get you back on your feet.

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Helping With the Aftermath

Wind storm damage can be so severe that you may need to find alternate accommodations for days or even weeks. Broken windows, roof and siding damage, water damage, and more can cause major headaches as you attempt to put your life back together. The Disaster Company is there for you in the aftermath of wind storm damage to help you get back to normal just as soon as possible.

Begin Immediately

Wind/storm damage restoration begins as soon as you call us. We work to be on the scene within an hour of your call. As trained and insured experts in wind/storm damage restoration, we apply a systematic process to assess wind damage, both seen and unseen, document the damage, and begin restoration as soon as we have communicated with your insurer. We prepare an itemized list of our recommended remediation services so that you know exactly where you stand.

Let the Professionals Help

Wind damage restoration is not a project that you want to undertake without professional help. The dangers of downed electrical lines and electrified standing water, structural damage to your home or place of business, potential gas leaks, and other potentially life-threatening damage should only be handled by trained professionals. Trust The Disaster Company with the safety of you and your family as thousands have done in Utah and Wyoming following wind/storm damage. We pride ourselves on offering the best service and value in our region.

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We Work With All Insurance Companies

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Trusted Wind/Storm Restoration Professionals

Our wind/storm damage professionals are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your emergency. When you are handling a stressful situation, we are calm in the midst of the storm. You can rely on the experience, know-how, and courteous and efficient service of our wind and storm damage restoration pros.

We received our wind/storm damage remediation certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, a world-class training organization that has been certifying disaster relief specialists for 50 years. This training gives us the expertise to restore your home or business to pre-damage condition. We use all of the latest remediation techniques and equipment to ensure that the job is done right the first time. And because all of our experts are fully insured, you can welcome us with the peace of mind that your home is in good hands.

Storm and Wind Damage Clean Up and Repair

Storms can cause terrible damage to your property. Call us today if your home has damage from fallen trees, a flood, or heavy winds. We will inspect your property, clean up, sanitize the property, and repair the damage. We examine the structure of your home or business for safety reasons to ensure that it has maintained its integrity. We also provide water extraction and drying in the case of a flood. It is important to have your space dried immediately to prevent the growth of mold.

After a devastating storm, contact us as soon as possible to visit your home to repair and restore the sections of your home that were severely damaged by heavy winds. Our job is to repair everything that has damage: returning your home to its pre-disaster condition. Whether the damage was major or minor, we will be happy to fix whatever is necessary. Safety is one of our top priorities, and we ensure the work we do passes every inspection with flying colors.

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Our Process After a Wind Storm Emergency

Wind damage can come out of nowhere—try to remain calm. Remember, you will get through this—and The Disaster Company can help.

Here are the steps we work through when we get the call that you hoped you’d never have to make.

1. On Call 24/7

We are on call 24/7 so that we’re always available when you need us most. We will immediately head out to your location to begin scanning your home or place of business for any damage that may have been caused by the wind. We are careful to cut power to the building to protect our technicians and you from electrocution danger.

2. Locate the Damage

Roof shingles may have been dislodged or displaced. Siding may be damaged. Windows may be shattered. Interior damage may have occurred due to loose tiling and/or water infiltration. We know how to locate any damage that is less than obvious and advise you of the best way to correct it.

3. Recommended Remediation Activities

Once we’ve performed our assessment, we prepare an itemized list of our recommended remediation activities. We then communicate with your insurer so that you get the compensation you are entitled to.

4. Begin Making Repairs

Once we have the go-ahead, we begin making repairs in order to contain the damage and get you back into your property as soon as possible. Part of our service includes making repairs to any of your possessions that may have been damaged.

5. Efficiently Repair Your Property

The Disaster Company can repair any damage caused by storms. We have many years of experience in storm damage repair and can quickly and efficiently repair your property after a devastating storm. It is important to get repairs done immediately in order to avoid any additional complications to your already difficult situation. The Disaster Company has a reputation for expert craftsmanship, affordable rates, and reliable service.

How The Disaster Company Can Help After Wind Storms

A storm and the associated winds can cause a shocking level of damage. Uprooted trees and downed power lines can wreak havoc across the community. In your home or business, power outages, broken windows, and roof damage can be expensive and time consuming to remediate. The Disaster Company is ready and able to get you back to normal as soon as possible after wind damage.

Here is a partial list of our services following wind damage on your property:

  • Insurance claims

    Your insurance company will require proof of damage after a storm. We preserve photographic evidence of all damage as well as provide damage records to your insurer.

  • Damage repair

    Your windows, roof, and siding may sustain substantial damage during a storm, whether from wind, hail, or rain. These elements must be repaired quickly yet expertly in order to prevent further damage and discourage vandals. We strive to match materials with exactness to provide a seamless look once repairs are completed.

  • Tree damage

    We remove downed trees and fallen limbs and identify any trees that could cause damage in a future storm.

  • Structural damage assessment

    There may be hidden structural damage to your property following a storm; do not assume that it is safe to enter! We do a thorough analysis, not just of visible damage but of damages that can’t be seen by the untrained eye. This ensures that it is safe for you and your family to return to the home.

  • Your belongings

    We are skilled in cleaning and repairing damage to any of your possessions that may be salvaged and provide secure storage for your items until it is safe to return to your home. We can also haul away items that are beyond repair and clear debris that may have resulted from the storm.

  • Coordination

    Where other service providers may be required, it is part of our job to manage them. For example, you may need electricians and plumbers to restore service. Whoever or whatever is needed, we’ll help pull it all together. Our goal is to give you the time and space to recover while we handle all of the details, both big and small.

  • Flood remediation

    Standing water and moisture infiltration can cause problems and must be immediately eliminated to avoid mold growth and the destruction of floors and ceilings.

  • Protect you and your family until remediation is complete

    We are a full-service remediation company, and we do all in our power to safeguard your peace of mind. We can provide emergency use of generators provided that your home is safe to inhabit during our repairs. Where needed, we can board up windows and secure the roof until they can be properly repaired. We can also connect you with emergency services that will be able to locate housing should you not have recourse with family and friends.

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Residential & Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

We are committed to offering the best service for residential and commercial storm damage cleanup. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergencies. We handle every aspect of the cleanup from the inspection to the completed repairs of the property. We pride our business on being available for you when you need storm damage cleanup. It is imperative to have your home cleaned up after a storm for safety reasons. Damage missed during the inspection and cleanup phases of the restoration project can become severe and more expensive to repair and replace.

Contact The Disaster Company today for more information about our disaster cleanup services. Make us your first call after the storm. We will offer you and estimate and send out a technician to inspect the damage and begin the restoration process.

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Storm Damage Repair FAQ’s

Will my homeowner’s insurance cover wind damage from a storm?

That will vary, but you are likely to have at least partial coverage if not total. Make sure to document all damage prior to making any changes or remediation. Keep all receipts for storm related damage, including clean up supplies, any personal items or appliances that need to be replaced, and any costs for shelter while your own property is being remediated. Don’t forget to include any damage to your vehicles in your claim—this may be covered.

How can I avoid wind damage in future storms?

Storm shutters are inexpensive and will protect you from window damage in the future. Likewise, maintaining your roof will prevent leaks. Maintaining trees and shrubs in your yard to ensure that they won’t destroy your roof or fall on powerlines in a future storm is also prudent.

How can I mitigate the risk of electrocution following a storm?

Never walk into standing water without first ensuring that the power source to your home has been cut.

What are the signs of damage I should look for following a wind storm?

Wind can cause an array of property damage, whether from the storm itself, or from flying objects that are propelled through the air, such as patio furniture or trees and tree limbs. Some signs of damage are obvious; be on the lookout especially for shards of glass from broken windows, missing or broken shingles, damaged gutters, and leaks of any kind. Check any outdoor appliances such as your air conditioner for signs of damage as well.

Can a wind storm cause a gas leak?

Yes. If you smell gas or other chemical smells, turn off the main gas line to your home, ensure that there is ventilation, and get all family members and pets outside immediately. A professional will then need to inspect the property and advise you once it is safe to return.

If a neighbor’s tree has fallen onto my property and caused damage, whose insurer pays for the damage?

The Disaster Company will communicate with your insurer to answer such questions. Often your insurer will cover the damage regardless of whose property it had been on, including tree removal from your property.

Will my homeowner’s insurance pay to replace my roof?

Usually, if at least 25 percent of the roof has been destroyed by wind, your insurer will cover the cost to replace the whole roof.

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