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Draper, Utah’s Premier Disaster Repair Specialists

Nestled about halfway between Provo and Salt Lake City, Draper has a character all its own. Its proximity to the local ski resorts means that winter fun at Snowbird and Alta is practically in your backyard. Work opportunities abound in Draper, making it a popular home city for both singles and families. Local employers include IKEA, eBay, 1-800-CONTACTS, and others in retail, healthcare, education, and tech. If you don’t work in Draper proper, there are plenty of opportunities in the surrounding cities, several of which are the most populous in Utah.

Homeowners in Draper choose this city for a very good reason. It’s family friendly (the majority of residents are married and have children), and the cost of living is relatively affordable. It’s easy to take things for granted in such a beautiful, idyllic place, but disasters are a threat here just as they are across the country. When disaster does strike, we hope our neighbors in Draper take heart that an experienced and caring disaster repair company is ready and willing to serve. 

The Disaster Company has been operating in the Draper area since 2012, providing a welcome alternative to the large national chains. Our trained, certified, and insured disaster repair technicians take the headaches and guesswork out of fire damage restoration, flood damage restoration, mold damage restoration, water damage restoration, wind/storm damage restoration, and bio hazardous damage restoration. Even better, we do it with a personal touch and attention to neighborly customer service.  After all, as a locally-grown company, we really are your neighbor!  Call us any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for rapid assistance with your home or business disaster situation. 

The Disaster Company Handles All of Draper’s Disaster Repair Needs

When your home is damaged by weather or other disaster, it’s no time to deal with amateurs. But how do you know who is and is not qualified to remediate your home? We understand the need to get things right the first time, and that’s why we are certified in all types of disaster repair by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. When it comes to disaster repair on your property, you deserve peace of mind. 

When we arrive onsite at your home or business, we take an expert survey of the property, checking for both obvious and hidden damage that could be invisible to a layperson. Once we assess and document the damage, we prepare an itemized quote and are available to communicate the situation to your insurer and ensure the best outcome possible. 

Draper Residents Trust The Disaster Company for:

Fire Damage Restoration

Housefires are a family’s worst nightmare. If you have experienced a fire in your Draper home, your first step is to ensure that all family members and pets are safe. Your next step is to call The Disaster Company. Our fire damage clean up process is comprehensive, starting with the removal of standing water left by the firefighters. It’s important to be aware that house fires can release toxic gasses and soot, which are dangerous for humans to breathe. Don’t try to remediate fire damage on your own—call The Disaster Company right away. 

Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding can cause a mind blowing amount of damage. Furniture and keepsakes, drywall, ceilings and floors, plumbing…the list goes on. Turn to us for flood damage clean up when a flood affects your Draper home. We remediate the flood damage and eliminate any moisture that has infiltrated your walls and floors to prevent mold growth and other problems down the line. 

Water Damage Restoration

Sometimes, it seems like a homeowner’s list of problems is simply endless. Leaks in the plumbing, basement, attic, or those originating from the HVAC system are as unexpected as they are potentially damaging. 

Even if you only suspect a water leak in your home, it’s wise to contact us to investigate the issue. We’ll work to catch the leak before it does significant damage, but in the case of leaks that have gone unaddressed for too long, we may find rotted or moldy drywall, weakened floors or ceilings, or other damage that should be repaired immediately. 

Wind Damage Restoration

When the wind kicks up in Draper, the town can quickly be turned upside down with uprooted trees, downed powerlines, and even damaged roofs and siding. When a wind storm hits, we are ready to assist you with wind/storm damage clean up. We advise that you allow us to examine your home following a wind storm to assess the property for dangers you might not be able to see. Our wind damage clean up experts are ready to assist. 

Mold Damage Restoration

Mold damage clean up is a specialty area of disaster repair that should only be undertaken by experts. Because mold spores can take root in porous building materials, any affected areas must be removed and replaced or sealed against further infiltration. 

We do not recommend that you attempt to remove superficial mold growth on walls or ceilings with bleach—it is unlikely that this is the source of the problem, and doing so can, in fact, make the problem worse. 

Bio Hazardous Damage Restoration

Bio hazardous materials are those which pose a threat to human (or animal) health. Blood, crime scenes, hazardous chemical spills, mold, lead and asbestos abatement, tear gas and pepper spray, animal waste, and more must be remediated properly by experts in order to protect your family, employees, and customers. 

Never attempt to clean up bio hazardous materials on your own. We are trained and certified in bio hazardous clean up and follow all laws and guidelines so that the job is done safely. 

Draper, Utah

Draper has its own microclimate that differs slightly from the surrounding towns at certain times of the year. Draper weather is slightly drier and can be hotter or colder depending on the season due to its relatively remote distance from the Great Salt Lake and its multiple elevations. 

Draper’s heavenly mountain vistas and wind patterns make it the ideal area for paragliding and hang gliding. Draper residents love to soar! Of course, there are hiking options for those who are less adventurous, including Ghost Falls Trail and Coyote Hollow Trail. When it’s not snowing, the Draper area has more golf courses than you could get to in several weeks. 


There are so many attractions in and around Draper for kids to fall in love with. The Cowabunga Bay Waterpark provides hours of attractions for all ages and is famous for its 800 foot water slide! The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium should not be missed for its 300,000 gallon shark tank with a walking tunnel that runs through it. Visitors spend hours gawking at the sea turtles, stingrays, sharks, seahorses, penguins, and 550 other species that the aquarium is home to. 

Still want more options? Draper is home to the Draper Historic Park and the Sorenson home, which capture the history of the area. Other museums just slightly further afield include the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, the Children’s Museum of Utah, Park City Museum, and the Museum of Church History and Art. 

We’re proud to work with Draper residents and help them move forward when the unexpected strikes.