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Park City Disaster Repair Company

By September 15, 2022No Comments

Park City, Utah’s Premier Disaster Repair Specialists

You would be forgiven if you mistook Park City, Utah for paradise. Its location in the Wasatch Mountains at an altitude of 7,000 feet has it all: world class shopping venues and restaurants, Olympic level training facilities, historic sites, an international film festival, and the best skiing in the world. 

But when there’s trouble in paradise, there’s only one call you should make: the one to the experts at The Disaster Company. The flipside of life in this winter wonderland means that there is plenty of snow, wind, fire, and flooding that can cause damage in your Park City home. 

When disaster strikes, don’t panic. The highly experienced and insured technicians at The Disaster Company are waiting for your call. Fire damage restoration, flood damage restoration, wind/storm damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold damage restoration, and bio hazardous damage restoration are our specialties. There is simply no disaster repair outfit in the Park City area that can come close to the level of expertise, service, and value provided by The Disaster Company. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with your Park City disaster, whether in your home or business. 

The Disaster Company Handles All of Park City’s Disaster Repair Needs

When you are in need of disaster repair, it means that the long term value of your home is at risk. In order to put your life back together and ensure that disaster repair work is done properly and thoroughly, it’s vital to work with a trusted company whose technicians know all the ins and outs of disaster repair. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the world’s top provider of education and disaster repair certification, and that’s where our experts receive their accreditation. They arrive on the scene of your disaster, quickly assess the damage, and get to work restoring your property to its former condition.

Park City Residents Trust The Disaster Company for:

Fire Damage Restoration

Park City is known for its historically destructive wildfires. Hopefully we never experience total destruction, but whatever the scale of damage following a fire in your home or business, The Disaster Company is at your service. 

Prior to the needed repair work, we remove any standing water left from the firefighters (if applicable), and then “detoxify” your home by clearing it of soot and any dangerous chemicals or gasses that were caused or released by the fire. Then we undertake all needed repairs, including repainting, repairing floors and ceilings, replacing or repairing drywall, and cleaning and sanitizing any affected areas. 

Flood Damage Restoration

When a flood impacts your home or business, it’s not enough to plug in a sump pump and call it a day. Flood waters can infiltrate floors, walls, and ceilings, weakening them and causing massive damage over time. 

Call us when you are the victim of a flood. We remediate all flood damage, remove sewage, seal affected areas against further water damage and mold growth, and repair damage to carpeting and upholstery. Flood damage clean up takes expert knowledge—don’t trust it to anyone less than The Disaster Company. 

Water Damage Restoration

Pesky leaks or roof damage can seem minor—until they aren’t. When water infiltration causes damage to floors, ceilings, walls, or other elements of your Park City home, it’s time to call The Disaster Company. 

Our first step in water damage clean up is to repair the leak at the source, preventing further damage. Once we’ve eliminated the problem, we get to work repairing the visible and hidden damage the leak has caused, ensuring that mold growth, warping, and any structural damage is completely remediated. 

Wind Damage Restoration

Damage from wind and storms in Park City is hit or miss—you may escape completely unscathed, or you could sustain costly damage. And if those expensive picture windows that give you the prized mountain views you cherish are affected, you could be in for some major cleanup. Don’t attempt wind/storm damage clean up on your own or with an inexperienced handyman. Leave this one to the expert technicians at The Disaster Company. 

Mold Damage Restoration

Park City homes are not immune from mold growth. Mold growth is destructive to homes and potentially to your health. Black mold can be dangerous and should never be remediated by lay people. Our thorough mold damage clean up service tracks mold growth to its source, eliminating it for good before we seal any affected and vulnerable areas from further infiltration. 

Bio Hazardous Damage Restoration

When blood, chemicals, or other dangerous bio hazardous materials find their way into your home or business, you need trained and insured experts to deal with the contaminants. We can also schedule pickup for your bio hazardous medical waste. Call us when any bio hazardous clean up situation involving blood, human or animal waste, chemicals, or other toxins needs to be eliminated for the safety of your family or your customers.

Park City, Utah

Park City has been through many iterations on its way to its current glory. Its vast silver mines made it attractive to speculators starting in the 1860s, and it burned to the ground in a forest fire in 1898. It was revitalized in the 1960s when it was transformed into a ski town with multiple resorts, and the splendid homes and shopping districts followed. Park City is now one of the world’s greatest ski destinations, with plenty of Utah’s famous snow to keep it thriving (an average of 340 inches of snowfall per year). Olympians and elite athletes from all over the world train on Park City’s slopes. 

The Utah Olympic Park in Park City was constructed for the 2002 Olympic Winter games and is still home to competitive-level athletes. At 400 acres, it has one of only four sliding tracks in North America as well as six Nordic ski jumps, ziplines, a mountain coaster, and a summer aerial training splash pool. It also houses the Alf Engen Ski Museum and the Eccles Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum. It is open to the public and offers a unique skeleton and bobsled club for enthusiasts. There is even an area for kids containing a climbing wall and playground structures. 

The world famous Sundance Film Festival happens in Park City every January. Started in 1978, it is now the largest independent film festival in the United States.

The Kimball Art Center was established 45 years ago to promote art in the Park City community and beyond. With the belief that art should be accessible to all, Kimball offers many free exhibits and events throughout the year. There are classes, workshops, and camps for all ages to learn drawing, painting, pottery, mixed media, and even jewelry making.  

There is, in fact, no end to the cultural and recreational activities to be had in Park City. The Swaner Nature Preserve and EcoCenter, with its 1,200-acre wildlife refuge, 100 acre farm, hiking trails and state of the art educational facility is home to 90 species of birds and rotating animal exhibits from porcupines to geckos. There are museums, world class shopping, and eateries of every kind, in addition to the most spectacular nature and mountain views you could ever want in Park City. 

We’re proud to be part of the Park City community and committed to helping our Park City neighbors when emergencies strike. We know just what to do to get you back on your feet quickly in the aftermath of the unexpected.