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Black mold remediation in Ogden has become a highly requested service in recent years. Residents are becoming more and more aware of black mold and the dangerous effects that exposure to it can have on them and their families. The Disaster Company specializes in mold inspection, mold detection, and mold removal in Ogden and the surrounding areas. All of our technicians and estimators are IICRC certified professionals. Don’t take chances with the health of your friends, family and loved ones. Call the disaster company for mold remediation today.

The Effects Of Black Mold Exposure

Black mold can cause symptoms like nasal stuffiness, irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation. People with asthma or allergies are more susceptible to the effects of black mold and may have more severe reactions upon exposure. Mold can be particularly dangerous for infants, the elderly, women who are pregnant or nursing, and those who have a compromised immune system. Evidence suggests that indoor mold exposure is linked to respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children and can lead to the development of asthma. Mold can be found almost everywhere, but indoors they are typically found where humidity levels are high such as basements or showers.

Black Mold Detection

The goal of a black mold inspection is to detect the black mold colony and to find and fix the moisture problem, which caused the mold. Often times it can be discovered when someone sees or smells mold, but it can also develop in the unseen areas between walls, above the ceiling, or underneath the floorboards. Each room of the house should be inspected thoroughly for signs of black mold this includes the attic and basement.

The Disaster Company recommends that you have a certified mold removal company perform the inspection for you as soon as possible. If the inspection results confirm that you have black mold, The Disaster Company will be more than happy to help you with the remediation of the black mold on your property. If black mold is detected in your home, it is imperative to find a professional removal company like The Disaster Company to assist you as there are increased health risks in trying to remove black mold yourself.

Black Mold Cleanup And Remediation

The Disaster Company will set up a containment system in the mold removal area before any work begins. The next step is to set up a negative air machine. It is essentially a large fan with HEPA filters to help prevent any mold from spreading into any of the other living areas. Next, our team of IICRE certified technicians will completely remove the black mold in the affected areas. This typically does not require us to do anything to change, or modify the existing structure of your home. Afterwards, we will clean, treat, and seal the affected area.

The Disaster Company is usually able to complete the black mold remediation process in 3 to 5 days. On the fifth day, we will have your home and containment area tested by an IEP professional that is trained and certified to, specifically, evaluate and test mold in homes and businesses. The IEP will write a report of his or her findings, and after we have received the green light from them that the home is safe, we will begin the reconstruction process.

If you have any questions or regarding black mold detection, black mold remediation, or have any questions regarding any of our services, please feel free to contact The Disaster Company in by phone or via our online contact form.