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The Disaster Company is a full service restoration company that provides mold inspection remediation and testing services throughout the Southwestern WY, Southeastern ID, and Northern UT areas. Mold is the product of lingering moisture from water that enters a structure and is absorbed by wood, drywall, flooring or furniture. It tends to grow in darker areas where it cannot be seen during the growth process and because of this, is likely to go unnoticed and can spread to form large growths that cause serious structural damage. Frequently inspecting your home or business will help you prevent or detect signs of mold that could become costly in the long run.

The Disaster Company offers a thorough inspection and removal process that helps our customers keep their homes and businesses free of mold while avoiding the structural damage that comes along with it. Our three part mold removal service includes:

Schedule A Mold Inspection

If you suspect that there may be mold growing in your home, or if you have seen or smelled any signs, it is important that you schedule an inspection quickly. During The Disaster Company’s mold inspection, an IICRC Certified Technician will thoroughly inspect your home or business to find any and all traces of mold that would not be detectable otherwise. It is important to remember that mold that is left undetected and untreated can become a great detriment to your families health.

Mold Remediation Services

In the event that mold is found in your structure, your technician will schedule an appointment for removal. The removal process will typically take 3-5 days from the initial appointment depending on the severity of your situation. First, we’ll install a containment system and a negative air machine at the mold’s location. Next, our team will remove all effected materials then clean, treat and seal the area before testing. It is necessary to have a professional mold removal company remove your mold problem as trying to do this yourself can lead to wider infestation and greater health risks.

Mold Testing

Following the remediation process, we will send a third party industrial environmental professional to your home or business to run a complete test for residual mold. Once we’ve received a clean report, we will begin the reconstruction process. However, if we receive a report that shows positive results for mold, we will perform another remediation process to completely eliminate any lingering mold.

For more information on our mold removal services or to schedule a mold inspection, please contact The Disaster Company in Layton, Utah by phone or via our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.