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Centerville Disaster Repair Company

By September 15, 2022No Comments

Centerville Utah’s Premier Disaster Repair Specialists

Located dead center between Farmington and Bountiful, Centerville is convenient to a thriving local scene of activities, shopping, and fun for all ages. Residents and visitors alike appreciate the preservation of the region’s history through buildings, tours, and reenactments. 

Unfortunately, Centerville weather is not always as friendly as the scenery. Snow in winter and the potential for accompanying windstorms mean that there is always an underlying potential for both superficial and structural damage to Centerville homes and offices. 

At The Disaster Company, we care about our fellow Davis County residents. We’re a family company, and some of us have been here for generations. We deliver a level of service and care that the national disaster companies simply cannot match. 

We’re on call 24 hours a day in the unfortunate case that a hazardous situation arises at your Centerville home or place of business. Our experienced and insured technicians want to put your mind at ease and reassure you that your home and belongings will be restored as thoroughly as possible. Don’t trust your family’s safety to anyone less than The Disaster Company. We’re waiting for your disaster repair call. 

The Disaster Company Handles All of Centerville’s Disaster Repair Needs

Fires, floods, mold infiltration, wind storms, and more can cause severe headaches and stress for homeowners. Let’s face it—no one expects to be a victim of a fire or other “act of God.” Those events happen to others, but not to you. Not in Centerville. 

While we hope that’s the case, The Disaster Company is here for you when the unthinkable happens. We are certified in all types of disaster repair and clean up by an internationally recognized agency, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. It may come as a surprise that not all disaster remediation companies have the proper training to restore your home or business location to its pre-disaster condition. We believe in doing things right the first time—that’s why Centerville residents call us before any of our competitors. 

We arrive on the scene quickly, investigate the disaster, document the damage, work with your insurer, and provide an itemized quote so that you are completely clear on each item that we will be repairing. Because disaster repair is our only business, we know how to handle the situation calmly and with empathy. While you may feel helpless at the moment, your life will return to normal, and we will help you get there, one step at a time. 

Centerville Residents Trust The Disaster Company for:

Fire Damage Restoration

No matter how careful you are, house fires can and do happen. A lit candle that explodes or gets too close to the curtains; a grease fire in the kitchen that gets out of hand; even a spark from the fireplace can lead to a fire disaster. And once the fire is put out, your work is unfortunately just beginning. 

Don’t get overwhelmed by fire damage clean up. Call The Disaster Company when you’re the victim of a fire, large or small. We assess the damage, document it, handle your insurance company, and get to work. If there’s water left over from the firefighters’ heroic work, we remove it immediately to prevent water infiltration and damage. Don’t face fire damage clean up alone; call The Disaster Company right away in the event of a house fire.

Flood Damage Restoration

Floods can cause a very stressful situation for homeowners who must deal with water removal, dehumidifying, and rescuing their cherished possessions from water damage. Even more distressing is a flood that is severe enough to affect drinking and bathing water and dislocate you and your family from your home.

Don’t face water infiltration alone. Call The Disaster Company right away if your Centerville home is affected by flooding. Our comprehensive remediation services include standing water removal, air dryers and dehumidifiers, mold prevention and remediation, and possession and document restoration.

Water Damage Restoration

As a Centerville homeowner, you probably have much bigger things on your mind than a leaky roof or plumbing issue. Older homes are particularly subject to these types of problems, and it’s important to take action as soon as you realize there’s a leak. This can prevent water from causing far worse issues such as damage to floors and ceilings, mold and rot, and damage to attics or basements.

Wind Damage Restoration

If you live in the Centerville area, you’ve undoubtedly realized that wind damage is no joke. Whether damage is done directly to your home or via downed power lines, downed trees, or a potential gas leak, wind/storm damage can be tremendously dangerous. If your home has been affected, do not assume it is safe to enter the premises. Call the trained and experienced professionals at The Disaster Company to handle wind/storm damage the right way. 

Mold Damage Restoration

No one likes to consider the possibility that mold is growing behind their walls, in their basement, or under their floors. This unwelcome visitor can do serious damage to your home and your family’s health if it is not nipped in the bud. 

Prior flood damage that was not properly remediated can be a culprit in mold growth, as can poor ventilation. The Disaster Company remediates mold damage the right way, locating the source of the moisture, fixing it so that no further infiltration can occur, then cleaning, deodorizing, and sealing affected areas so that mold will be a thing of the past. 

Bio Hazardous Damage Restoration

The Disaster Company can remediate any bio hazardous clean up situation that you may be facing. Car accident cleanup, removal of chemical residues, hazardous waste disposal, hospital and nursing home remediation, lead and asbestos abatement…we are trained and insured to handle any scene that is hazardous to human health according to all local and national laws and guidelines. Never take matters into your own hands when dealing with bio hazardous clean up; call the experts at The Disaster Company for thorough, professional service. 

Centerville, Utah

The metro area north of Salt Lake City is full of historic sites that can make you feel like you’ve entered another time. There are several houses in Centerville that are on the National Register of Historic Places, some of which are open to tour for the public. 

Centerville recreational opportunities abound. TRAX PowerSports in nearby Bountiful is one of the most exciting places in the area, where adrenaline junkies can rent ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles and play like oversized kids! In the summer, there are jet skis and boats available to take out on the scenic lake. For more low-key fun, there are plenty of local water parks and museums in or near Centerville to entertain the kiddos.

With over 50 inches of snow per year—the “greatest snow on Earth,” we might add—residents or visitors to Centerville have easy access to a paradise of winter fun with skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and other outdoor sports.