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The Disaster Company provides contents cleaning following fires, floods and other natural disasters. An Ogden-based property restoration contractor, we have helped thousands of homeowners and business owners throughout Northern Utah inventory, pack out, and clean their personal belongings.

Contents Cleaning After A Fire

Structure fires leave behind smoke, soot, and dangerous carcinogens. If not cleaned immediately using proper methods, your personal belongings can be permanently damaged, and your health could be compromised. The Disaster Company specializes in cleaning and restoring fire and smoke-damaged contents. Using ultrasonic technology, our IICRC-certified restoration technicians will remove all soot residue and smoke odor from the contents of your home or business. We can fully restore linens, soft goods, hard goods, furniture, appliances, china, antiques, collectibles, and family heirlooms affected by fire.

Contents Cleaning After a Flood

If you have suffered a water loss in Northern Utah, the Disaster Company can help you to clean and restore your personal belongings. Flood waters, including water leaks from toilets, pipes, and faulty appliances, have the potential of seriously damaging the contents of your home or commercial building. In cases where sewage or waste is present, your belongings can become contaminated by Category 3 Water, which can contain harmful bacteria. The Disaster Company will use ultrasonic technology and anti-microbial solutions to thoroughly clean your dinnerware, furniture, linens, antiques, and collectables and disinfect them against the growth of mold and other bacteria. Left unchecked mold can eat away at the surface of and destroy both soft and hard goods, and it can lead to respiratory illnesses. Our team of remediation experts will remove all biohazards, and make your possessions safe to use again.

Professional Pack Outs

The Disaster Company knows how important your belongings are to you, and our inventory and pack out system safeguards the contents of your home or business every step of the way through the restoration process. Our IICRC-trained contents specialists will take a complete digital inventory, including photographs as we safely pack your belongings in storage containers. We transport them to our climate controlled facility in Ogden, where we re-inventory them as we clean and re-pack each item. If you have filed an insurance claim, the Disaster Company will work with your insurance company to restore as many of your contents as possible. We will assist your insurance adjuster as he identifies and evaluates non-salvageable items. A complete list of salvageable and non-salvageable items is available to you at any time while we are restoring your belongings.

When your home or business has been restored, the Disaster Company will return your clean furniture, linens, heirlooms, and personal items to you. We will perform a final on-site inventory, and we will unpack and place everything in their original locations. Our goal is to make your contents restoration experience turnkey.

Choose Us For Pack Outs & Contents Cleaning

The Disaster Company is Northern Utah’s leading full-service disaster cleanup and restoration company. We understand how difficult it is to suffer property damage after a natural disaster and the importance of minimizing loss-of-use. Our primary goal is to restore your life and property back to normal quickly, using the best methods and technology available. As an IICRC-certified firm, our technicians undergo rigorous training, and we meet and exceed all industry standards for contents cleaning. The Disaster Company works with all insurance companies, and as a preferred vendor on most insurance carrier’s contractor programs, we must adhere to strict guidelines. We provide 24-hour emergency response, and your dedicated contents cleaning team is always on call to answer your questions.

If your personal belongings have been damaged due to a residential or commercial fire, flood or other natural disaster, let the experts at The Disaster Company in Ogden, Utah assist you. We will clean your possessions, protect your health, and help you restore your life back to normal quickly.