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Woods Cross is a city in the southeastern part of Davis County, Utah. It is named after Daniel Wood, who helped settle the area in 1865. Woods Cross was incorporated as a city in 1935. It has a population of 11,207 based on the 2014 census and occupies a 3.9-square-mile territory in the county.

Woods Cross, just like the other cities in Davis County, is prone to floods when there is heavy rain or snowmelt coming from higher elevation areas. Recently, the home of a family in Woods Cross was inundated by tsunami-like rushing water from the streets. Those in the basement of the house almost did not make it out because the water hit so fast and hard.

City crews informed the homeowners that the house was flooded because construction crews failed to tie in the retention pond where street water was supposed to drain. The residents of the house heard the heavy rain and saw waves of water flowing down the street toward them. Unfortunately, the homeowners did not have flood insurance and were left to cover the cost of the damages from the floodwater.

In addition to rebuilding the home and replacing its contents, the homeowners had to contend with another problem – mold infestation. After floodwater recedes, waterlogged structures can become ideal breeding grounds for mold. Mold can grow on moist walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces. Mold can jeopardize the safety and health of home dwellers.

In the aftermath of a flood, homeowners must keep an eye out for mold growth. Without training or experience, however, it can be difficult to detect mold in its early stages. At The Disaster Company, we have trained specialists who can find mold and eradicate it. The Disaster Company is your compassionate partner in mold inspection and removal in Woods Cross.