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Fruit Heights, a city in Davis County, Utah, lies along the Wasatch Front. It is a suburb of Kaysville and Farmington. The city has a population of almost 5,000 and a small land area of only 2.3 square miles. It is located in the heart of Davis County, with the imposing Wasatch Mountains to the east. The residents of Fruit Heights enjoy the conveniences of modern living while retaining the quiet, rural charm of the past.

Fruit Heights is known as a city of neighbors, and this was proven true when one resident warned a neighboring family of four that their house was on fire in the early hours of a December day in 2016. The family was able to escape unharmed before the fire consumed the entire house.

The attentive neighbor noticed that the house was on fire at 4:00 a.m. He ran to the house and pounded on the door until the residents woke up. Thanks to the early warning, the residents were able to evacuate and stay safe.

Local firefighters were immediately summoned and started working to extinguish the flames. The fire started from the basement, apparently due to some electrical problems. The house was declared a total loss. Firefighters had to demolish the few intact remants of the home’s interior in order to reach the basement and investigate.

It is believed that the smoke detector in the house did not sound off. The firefighters explained that there are two kinds of smoke detectors: ionization smoke alarms that detect problems quickly in the event of fast moving fires and photoelectric smoke alarms that detect smoldering fires. The home fire in Fruit Heights was thought to be a smoldering fire, which commonly occurs at night when people are sleeping.

Communities do not know when a disaster like a fire will occur, but the situation will be easier to handle if neighbors will watch out for each other. Neighbors often come together in the wake of disaster cleanups, but fire cleanup is often best when left to the professionals. The Disaster Company has trained and well-equipped professionals who can help with fire cleanup in Fruit Heights and around the state.