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If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner for extended family this year, you will soon be busily preparing for your guests. While your main focus may be on the food preparation, you will also need to get your house ready—especially if relatives are staying overnight.

Here are some tips to guide you as you prepare your home for your Thanksgiving guests:

  • Get the ready bathroom ready – Next to the kitchen, the bathrooms should be your main focus. Bathrooms get a lot of playtime with a house full of guests, so make sure they are up to the occasion. Give your bathroom a thorough cleaning by scrubbing down the toilet, the sink, and the bathtub. Wipe the mirrors and re-stock your toilet paper. Put out fresh hand towels and perhaps even light a scented candle before the guests come marching in.
  • Run the vacuum – If you don’t have time to vacuum the whole home, make sure to hit the key areas such as the entryway, bathrooms, living room, dining room and guest rooms.
  • Empty the kitchen sink of soiled dishes – With Thanksgiving dinner preparation in full swing, you will likely amass a heap of dirty dishes. Allow plenty of time to clean dishes and cooking utensils before guests come.
  • Remove clutter – If piles of things tend to accumulate around your home, streamline them before company descends. Dust surfaces of the rooms where guests will be congregating. Make sure countertops and tables are free of clutter.
  • Adjust the lighting – Turn on soft lights when your company comes. If overhead lights are too glaring, opt for lamps or candles. As a special bonus, the low lights might help obscure some areas that you didn’t have time to thoroughly clean.
  • Make a place for coats and bags – Make sure that you have hanging space near the foyer to accommodate people’s coats and bags. If there is no space in the foyer, assign a bedroom where guests could leave their belongings as they enjoy your party.
  • Set the day to music – Improve the ambiance in your home by playing peaceful music as guests arrive. Make sure that the music is soft enough that it won’t interfere with conversation.

If you’re low on time, reach out to Utah clean up specialists to get your home in tip-top shape. They can do the cleaning as you focus on rolling out the perfect meal for friends and family.