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Many homeowners take pride in being able to do minor repairs themselves. As long as they feel confident with the project at hand, they will not bother hiring a professional to do the job. Doing these repairs themselves not only saves homeowners money, but also gives them a sense of satisfaction in being able to take care of their property.

However, certain repairs can become costly if done wrong. Here are some jobs you should contract with a professional to complete:

Electrical projects — Unless the homeowner is a licensed electrician, they should not attempt to do electrical repairs or projects in the house. Not only are you risking electrocution, but if you don’t do the work right, you could put your home in jeopardy of having electrical fires. Also, many cities and states require those performing an electrical project to receive a permit. These permits generally require that a licensed electrician be involved in the project.

Roofing repairs — Your roof is a vital part of your home because it protects your home, your belongings, and everyone who lives inside from the elements. Since your roof is such an essential aspect of your home, it’s a good idea to hire professionals to install and maintain it. If you do the job yourself and make a mistake, this could potentially lead to even more expensive issues like water damage. Choosing to have a professional do the work will eliminate the room for error when it comes to those kinds of costly mistakes. In addition to that, professional roofers have the experience and equipment to work on a roof safely, with less risk of falling and getting hurt.

Plumbing — If you need to unclog a toilet, feel free to do it yourself. However, if you must make a major plumbing repair, it’s important that you have a plumber do it. Since plumbing involves water, it’s easy to create minor leaks that will turn into major problems. Working with a plumber will ensure that any leaks are detected and addressed before they cause damage.

Gas-related projects — When you choose to work on gas lines, you are playing with fire. As many people know, gas is very volatile and doing a gas project yourself can result in explosions, gas leaks, or carbon monoxide. When dealing with projects that can be potentially disastrous, it’s important that you know what you’re doing. To avoid disaster, hire someone who is licensed to work with gas to make sure that all the necessary safety precautions are in place.

Additions or changes to the house structure — The prospect of tearing down walls and making changes in your home can be exciting. However, there are a lot of things you need to watch out for while making significant structural changes to your home. A general contractor can make sure that no plumbing or electrical wiring is destroyed in the remodeling process. Additionally, depending on the type of renovation, you may be required to have a permit approved by the city. If that’s the case, a contractor may be required before any construction can begin.

While fixing your home can be a gratifying experience, remember that it’s more important to make sure your home is looked after properly during the repair process. Mistakes may hurt not only your wallet, but also you and your loved ones.