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Kaysville Disaster Repair Company

By September 15, 2022No Comments

Kaysville Utah’s Premier Disaster Repair Specialists

Kaysville, situated between Layton to the north and Farmington to the south, is a small, historic town of just 10 square miles. A commutable distance to Salt Lake City and other metropolitan areas in the region, Kaysville is a family town with plenty of recreational opportunities set against the striking Utah mountains.

We know that Kaysville residents put the health and safety of their families first, and when they sustain home damage due to storms, floods, fire, or other emergencies, their first concern is for their loved ones. That’s why Kaysville residents call the trusted experts at The Disaster Company at the first sign of damage to their homes. 

You don’t have to handle a home emergency on your own. We are a family-owned business that has served the Kaysville area for decades. Our licensed and insured technicians are the best in the business and are on call 24-7 to ensure the safety of our fellow Utah residents.

The Disaster Company is there for all of Kaysville’s Disaster Repair Needs

The Disaster Company is a top-rated disaster remediation firm located in Ogden, Utah, and we’ve been recognized as one of Davis County’s most trusted service providers. Because our families live here, too, we have a special relationship with our Davis County neighbors. 

But you don’t need to take our word for it to know that we are among the best in the disaster repair business. The Disaster Company is certified in all areas of disaster repair—from fire damage restoration, to mold damage restoration, to bio hazardous damage restoration, and storm damage restoration.  Our certification comes from the prestigious Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. In short, we are equipped to handle virtually any structural damage (as well as damage to furnishings and other possessions) that is sustained by your home or business. 

We do our work right the first time and according to any government regulations that apply. Don’t trust your family’s health and well being to anyone but the best—The Disaster Company is on call 24 hours a day to deal with your home emergency. 

Kaysville Residents Trust The Disaster Company for:

Fire Damage Restoration

There are few home emergencies that are more devastating than a house fire. If you’re lucky, you will sustain minimal damage and all of the home’s occupants will escape unscathed. 

When the firefighters are gone, we get to work securing your home from further damage and remediating the situation to ensure that it is safe and habitable for your family’s return. Some of the fire damage restoration services we offer include a full inspection of your home and its contents; a plan to remediate damaged elements; detection and removal of smoke infiltration; examination of the HVAC system to determine any damage; inspection of any hazardous chemicals that were dispersed by the fire; and remediation of walls, floors, ceilings, dry wall, furniture, and carpets. 

Flood Damage Restoration

Flood damage is, surprisingly, one of the most disruptive disasters that can happen to a homeowner. Aside from the obvious potential damage to your home from water infiltration, floods can bring along other issues such as foundation damage, well contamination, mold formation, plumbing issues, and extensive damage to furniture and other possessions. 

We recommend against attempting to deal with a flood situation on your own; remediating the flood damage properly now can save you tens of thousands of dollars down the line.

Water Damage Restoration

Whatever the cause, when water damage strikes in your home, you must put safety first. Our first step when arriving on the scene of water damage is to cut the electricity to the property to avoid the threat of electrocution, and this is a step we recommend that you do not do on your own in your Kaysville home. 

Once we know it is safe to investigate, we find the cause or causes of the leak in question and locate any and all damage that the leaks may have created. As we attend to water damage clean up, we make photographic and written records of everything that’s been affected—including walls, ceilings, floors, and even the roof—to assist you in making a claim to your insurer. Leave water damage restoration to the professionals—call The Disaster Company for any size water damage restoration job.

Wind Damage Restoration

With the amount of precipitation and storms that Kaysville residents see in a year, it’s no wonder that one of our most frequent disaster calls is for wind/storm damage restoration. 

While a storm alone will rarely decimate your entire home, a storm can cause plenty of damage, even requiring that you find shelter elsewhere until we’ve had a chance to evaluate the damage, haul away downed trees and other debris, do any required roof repairs, replace damaged windows, and sanitize and deodorize the interior of your home. At your request, we can fortify the roof against future storms, and even install storm shutters to protect against the wind.

Mold Damage Restoration

Mold is more than a minor nuisance—especially when it’s gone ignored or undetected for long periods of time. Mold can actually cause structural damage to your home if its growth becomes too widespread. We’ve worked with families whose children experienced chronic health issues until their mold infiltration issue was resolved. 

The mold damage clean up process can be extensive. First, we use special moisture sensors and thermal imaging devices to evaluate the true extent of the infiltration. Heavy duty air filtration equipment and protective barriers are placed to prevent the further dissemination of spores throughout your property. 

Only then do we remove contaminated structural elements, remediating and sealing salvageable elements and replacing those that are infested. We are also qualified to remove, clean, and treat any of your possessions that may have been affected, including furniture, clothing, curtains, and other porous materials. 

Bio Hazardous Damage Restoration

Bio hazardous damage can take many forms. If a family member has tragically passed at home, call us to help you handle this highly sensitive situation. Rodents, insects, and sewage leaks are also on our list of services. We work with any hazardous human or animal waste to ensure that everyone stays safe and acts within the law. 

Our bio hazardous damage technicians are insured, certified, and ready to contain, clean, and remediate crime scenes, laboratory chemical spills, and suicide events with compassion and discretion. 

Kaysville, Utah

Kaysville residents abound in choices when it comes to recreational activities. Local outdoor adventures in Kaysville can be had in the extensive parks and trail system. Tennis, pickle ball, golf, and skiing are common pursuits. There’s Boondocks Fun Center, which is a 10-acre entertainment facility with bowling, batting cages and more, and the well-loved Cherry Hill waterpark.  

Stroll down Main Street for a view of restored buildings that held 1800s-era hotels, general stores, and blacksmith shops. You can rent ATVs and camping gear and head to a number of state parks nearby. 

With many excellent schools and so much to do, Kaysville is a coveted place to live, learn, and make memories.