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No one ever wants to deal with the difficulty of property restoration in Ogden or anywhere else, but if that time should come, The Disaster Company is available to help you. Our staff is rigorously trained in every aspect of restoration in order to provide our clients a seamless property restoration process. We do everything in our power to minimize your inconvenience in an already uncomfortable situation.

After a disaster, it may be necessary to remove the affected area or areas. Sectional or complete demolition may be required to eliminate the contaminants in your existing building and stabilize its structure. The Disaster Company believes that it is important to protect the environment surrounding our work area. With this in mind, our demolition projects are typically sealed off and contained from the rest of the home or business. We also do our best to control the airflow inside of our containment area. Once the demolition process is complete, we can begin property restoration on the demolished portion of the structure. The Disaster Company has helped thousands of people put their homes and businesses back together after a disaster, and we can help you.

One type of property restoration service that we offer is full-service housing reconstruction. Sometimes a catastrophe can cause dramatic loss that changes or disrupt your life. A full-service housing restoration can consist of complete rebuild and repair services, cleaning and restoration, flooring restoration and replacement, carpentry, roofing, painting, structural repairs and more. The Disaster Company is fully licensed and heavily insured. Our staff of highly trained and certified professionals are dedicated to providing the best customer service and highest quality workmanship without exception.

After a fire, there are certain fire cleanup services that are required. Fire and smoke odor cleaning is one of the important cleanup services that The Disaster Company offers. Fire and smoke orders odors can travel through and penetrate your entire house affecting the paint, carpet, upholstery, clothing, and any other family belongings. As certified restorers, we have the knowledge and ability to test and sample materials and apply the required restoration processes needed to restore your property to its pre-catastrophe condition. All of our projects are completed with top-notch quality and in a timely fashion.

The Disaster Company and its team of professionals are experts in every facet of property restoration. Disasters happen, and The Disaster Company is here 24/7 offering the most comprehensive property restoration in Ogden. The longer you wait the worse the problem can become. Call now to schedule your free damage assessment.