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It is difficult to enjoy your vacation if you are constantly worrying about things back at home. Take these steps to safeguard your home before you leave on your next trip.

  • Power down and unplug – House fires usually start from overheated appliances. Avoid this by turning off and unplugging your appliances and electronic devices before you leave home. This will ensure greater safety and also save you money.
  • Maintain a safe temperature – You may like the idea of turning off the heat or air conditioning to decrease your utility bills. But don’t. Turning off the thermostat means that your home will experience extreme temperatures, which could compromise your water lines, appliances, and more. You can turn your thermostat up or down a few degrees to save a little money, but don’t allow it to hit extremes.
  • Turn off the water – A pipe that leaks while you are away could flood your unattended home. If you take your vacation during the winter months, the pipes could freeze and burst, causing costly damage to your house. You can avoid these problems by turning off the main water supply and opening all faucets to drain the water lines.
  • Don’t make your absence too obvious – When your house is totally dark at night or when the piles of mail and newspapers are visible to passers-by, you are announcing to the whole world that your house is unattended. Cancel newspaper and mail deliveries. Connect some lights to an automatic timer so your home will not be completely dark at night.
  • Keep it odor-free – Perishable foods could go bad, and trash in your garbage cans can breed mold and insects. If you do not want to come home to an overpowering stench, clean out your fridge and take out your trash before you leave.

Take precautions to ready your home for vacation. A little preparedness can contribute to greater peace of mind and allow you to fully enjoy your time away.