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Hailstorms can be very costly for homeowners. The storms can hit at any time during the year, but they are especially frequent in spring and summer. While you cannot stop a hailstorm from hitting your home, you can take steps to minimize damage.

Preparing for the hailstorm season

Here are some steps to take before hailstorms hit:

  • Trim tree branches near your home. These branches can potentially break under the stress of high winds or the weight of hail and fall on your roof.
  • Have your roof inspected. A professional can take a look at your roof and let you know if you have any weak spots or holes that could be exacerbated by a bad storm.
  • If you know that a hailstorm is approaching, make sure that your vehicles and other expensive outdoor items are placed under a shelter. This could include your patio furniture, grill, and bicycles.
  • If you still have time, board up your windows to ensure that they will not be broken by falling hail. Close your shutters, drapes, or curtains to contain any glass that could be shattered by the force of the storm.

After hail hits

Some storms drop hail the size of baseballs and destroy roofs. You may be able to spot some damage during a quick, post-storm inspection; other damage may be harder to detect and may lead to serious issues down the line.

If you are affected by a storm, make sure that your home is thoroughly inspected in its wake. Start by contacting a roofing company. These professionals are trained to detect and correct damages.