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America’s Independence Day commemorates the thirteen colonies declaring their independence from England. It is summer’s biggest holiday, and while it is normally a day of carefree enjoyment, it is not free of risks. On some occasions, disasters, such as drought, forest fires, flooding, and severe storms, could overshadow the holiday. They could cost the country billions of dollars in losses and damages, and worst of all, they could snuff out lives as they run their course.

The country has a long history of weather disasters during the summer months, which include the following:

  • Hurricanes – The hurricane season starts in June and lasts until November. Hurricanes leave a path of destruction caused by wind, water, and flood damage. Downed power lines could cause fires that exacerbate the damage from the hurricane.
  • Tornadoes – Tornadoes, with their strong, whirling winds, pose dangers to life and property. Tornadoes are often characterized by winds in excess of 250 mph. They are very common from spring to the middle of summer, but may occur any time of the year.
  • Tsunamis – Tsunamis, caused by earthquakes or underwater volcanic eruptions, can create wave trains up to 300 miles wide and 30 feet high that reach speeds of up to 600 mph. Tsunamis can bring unimaginable flood damage and destruction.
  • Floods – Flash floods are one of the top weather-related killers in the country. A few inches of floodwater can wreak untold damage.
  • Fires – Heat waves during summer lead to highly flammable conditions. Humans create the vast majority of fires. Lightning and lava also contribute.

Clean up after a weather-related disaster could be a big headache for homeowners. Debris must be cleared away before repairs can be made. It’s important to use caution. People can be injured in the process of cleaning up debris.

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