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Disasters don’t get a holiday—they can happen most any day of the year. To add some humor to your Thanksgiving, read on to learn about some real doozeys. Enjoy, and be glad that it’s them and not you.Daniel Carter is the founder of Zippy Electrics. He provides in-depth guides and reviews on a variety of electronic riding gadgets on his blog.

Thanksgiving with relatives

Last year, I volunteered to cook for the Thanksgiving gathering with my relatives. I had a huge turkey to cook, and when I was about to put it in the countertop oven, it wouldn’t fit. I tried my best to [force] it in, and it did manage to get in. Minutes later, the house was filled with smoke, and I realized my foolishness: the meat of the turkey touched the walls of the oven. We weren’t able to get it out of the oven, and we instead ended up ordering from a restaurant.

Thanksgiving and spicy food

My girlfriend is Mexican, and last year, we spent Thanksgiving at her parents’ home here in California. They prepared the basics for the occasion: turkey, beans, and cranberries. But what caught my attention the most was the dish that was mainly garnished with red peppers. I am not a fan of spicy foods, but when her dad asked me to try it, I was left with no choice. I didn’t want to disappoint them as that was my first time meeting them.

When I had my first bite, I instantly felt the hot, burning pain in my palate. Then, after just a few minutes, I literally turned red, and my girlfriend started panicking and gave some milk and sugar, but nothing happened. When I started feeling difficulty in my breathing, they rushed me to the hospital. The doctor told them that I have an allergy to peppers, and that was the worst way to learn about it.James Bullard is the founder of Sound Fro. He shares his love for music on his blog, covering a variety of topics that will strike a chord with music enthusiasts around the world.James Pearson, CEO of eVenturing, one of the fastest-growing websites in the small business space.

Thanksgiving dinner

It was the first time that I was invited to my girlfriend’s (now my wife’s) family Thanksgiving dinner. I have to say that she belongs to a huge clan. Everyone made their appearance, including her mom, dad, sisters, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts, and uncles. Everyone was there, and I felt a little uneasy. Although I knew in myself that I am good at making impressions and I socialize well, there was still a bit of discomfort.

Before we started having dinner, one of her little cousins asked me to get the large Tostitos jar off the top of the counter since she couldn’t reach it. I said of course. I stood up, went to the kitchen counter, and made the biggest mistake of my life. I picked up the jar by the lid not knowing if it was properly screwed on. The next thing I knew, the kitchen carpet was filled with salsa, and the contents of the jar were on the floor.

Suddenly, all eyes were on me, and I wanted to shrink with the red salsa onto the floor. Luckily, her mom was quick enough to help me, not asking what happened or why was I so stupid. It was so embarrassing back then, and it taught me a life lesson not to pick up anything by the lid.

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