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The restoration of your home or property after extensive fire damage is an activity best left to the experts. Fire can cause damage that lurks below the surface and in the walls of your house. You might not even know that the damage is there until much later. Fire restoration experts are specially trained to help assess damages fully and accurately and get it into the best shape possible after a fire.

One of the first things you need to do after a house fire is to inform your insurer or insurance company about the incident. If you do not own the place, you must also notify the owner or your landlord and have him or her there to help assess the damage.

Here are some of the steps you can take following a fire:

  1. Always Stay Calm. One of the best things you can do immediately after a fire and throughout the restoration process is to stay calm. Fires are emotionally and financially stressful, but you need to remain composed and organized. The entire undertaking will undoubtedly require a lot of patience and stress management.
  2. Examine and Assess the Damage. After the fire, have an expert examine and assess the materials, areas, and the entire property so you know what is safe and what is not. A thorough and meticulous examination will help determine which essentials, fixtures, and properties can be salvaged and which are beyond repair.
  3. Deal with Soot and Smoke. The whole property will probably be affected by soot and smoke from the fire. Before you clean the walls where soot and smoke have collected, it is best to assess the extent of the fire damage. You will need the help of an expert here, too.
  4. Remove Water and Moisture. Water is often used to extinguish fires, so you should expect the house, and all that’s in it, to be soaked. Remove stagnant water and any moisture from your property to avoid further problems.
  5. Hire Experts. Hire a professional for restoration work. Fire damage restoration professionals can help with the necessary documentation as well as the repairs required to ensure that your home is restored to its normal state. The fire damage restoration experts will conduct an extensive inventory and assessment of your home and report exactly what needs to be replaced, repaired, or thrown away. This way, you will not wonder where certain things went after the fire because the experts will keep a log of everything that they encounter.

Make it a point to contact your insurance company immediately after a fire to be sure that they are willing to work with the fire restoration company of your choice. Do not forget to make a claim as soon as possible to get the process up and running.


A fire incident can cause a lot of damages and losses on the part of the victim. More than that, restoring your house and yourself after this catastrophe can also be challenging. Here is an infographic that gives insightful ideas on how you can start building and restoring your home. It emphasizes that yourself is the key to get up from the ashes of fire.

5 Ways to Tackle Fire Restoration [infographic]