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June is the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. Lately, the country has experienced stronger storms than have been felt in the past. This means that everybody has to be prepared because nobody knows when a disaster will develop.

The worst thing that could happen to people who are hit hard by hurricanes is to be unprepared. It is imperative to plan in advance and to act on those designs when the disaster hits. The following are steps that people could take to be ready in the event of a hurricane.

  • Plan evacuation routes – People must prepare to evacuate before the arrival of the hurricane. Evacuation is an important safeguard against storm surge, when the storm generates an abnormal heightening of water levels that could flood outlying areas. People must know in advance where to go once the signal to evacuate is given by authorities. It is best to familiarize yourself with the evacuation route before disaster strikes.
  • Buy supplies – Get critical supplies before the hurricane hits and keep them accessible. People should not be scrounging for supplies when the weather is already bad.
  • Check insurance coverage – Many homeowners and renters do not include flood insurance in their policies. Even people who do not live in the coastal areas have no guarantee that their homes will not be affected by floods.
  • Make copies of important documents – People should have copies of vital documents, such as proof of property ownership and insurance, birth certificates, and social security cards, just in case the originals are damaged by storms.
  • Check your home – Homeowners and tenants should periodically inspect their homes to make sure that there are no damages that could be exacerbated by the hurricane or flood.
  • Back up your electronics – Keep extra batteries and chargers when a hurricane is approaching your area. Also, back up your electronic files in the cloud or in other remote locations that will not be affected by the same water events.

In Utah, we may not get hurricanes, but we’re undoubtedly vulnerable to flooding. After the flood, do a thorough cleanup of your house, disinfecting everything that got wet. Call professional Utah disaster clean up crews to restore your home to its original condition.


There are necessary things people living near the coastlines must do in order to protect their home and property from the damaged caused by storm surge and hurricane. They need to secure their homes, keep all the necessary supplies on hand in case of evacuation, and must keep their important documents in a safe place. Check this infographic for additional tips.

Atlantic Hurricane Season