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June is National Safety Month. Sponsored by the National Safety Council, the observance is focused on the reduction of the leading causes of death and injury in the workplace, at home, on the road, and in the community.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires, and other disasters pose grave dangers. Preparing to stay safe during these events should be a primary concern.

The following preparations will contribute to people’s safety in times of natural disasters:

  • Have a disaster plan – Everybody should have a plan for every type of calamity. It should include an evacuation course that will bring the family to a safe place. Have each member of the family get familiar with the evacuation routes so they can proceed to a common destination in the event that they get separated from one another.
  • Be familiar with warning signs – In the event of hurricanes, floods, or tornadoes, there will be warning signs. The weather services typically alert people of an impending hurricane. Tornadoes are often accompanied by strong storms and thunderstorms. Flooding usually follows heavy rains. When the signs manifest, be prepared to execute your disaster plan.
  • Listen to emergency radio broadcasts – Having an emergency radio will keep people informed in times of natural disasters. They can provide information on the extent and duration of the disaster. Some come with a hand crank that keeps the radios powered regardless of batteries or electrical supply.
  • In the event of an earthquake, stay away from windows, exterior walls, and objects that might fall – Go to the safest and strongest part of the house or building and seek cover from falling debris. When the shaking stops, head out of the house or building and go to a safe place that will not be touched by collapsing buildings or downed electrical wires.

After a natural disaster, the next priority will be clean up. Cleaning up after the disaster will prevent further injuries or death. There are many cases of people getting hurt by debris from the catastrophic event.

To make sure that your family is safe, consult Utah clean up specialists after a disaster. They have the training and expertise to professionally clean your house and environment after a natural disaster.