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June 5 is World Environment Day. This occasion is sponsored by the United Nations with an aim to increase worldwide understanding of environmental protection. It involves various campaigns to tackle different environmental issues, such as global warming and pollution. The celebration brings together governments, corporations, communities, NGOs, and celebrities who are advocates for environmental causes.

Many people today have a heightened interest in keeping the world around them healthy and clean. The continuous population growth has made it necessary for everybody to contribute to environmental protection. There is now a realization that if people do not take care of their environment, future generations will suffer tremendously.

People have realized that they cannot isolate themselves from their surroundings but are connected to them in countless ways. Our actions influence the environment, and the environment affects us in turn. It provides our food and drink and even many of the medicines that we take for our ailments, but when the environment is no longer clean, everything suffers. Food quality will decline, and the rising level of pollution could make us sick.

One major consequence of not taking care of the environment is climate change. Because of neglect to the environment, we are now experiencing stronger storms, forest fires, and unprecedented flooding, even in areas that were never flooded before.

After a natural disaster, people should take immediate steps to clean up and prevent more problems from cropping up. This will stem the spread of diseases that normally come as a result of the devastation. Flooded homes need to be cleaned immediately to ward off further structural damage as well as mold and bacterial infestation.

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