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Centerville, a part of the Ogden-Clearfield Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area, is a city in Davis County, Utah. The city is located next to the easternmost part of the Great Salt Lake. It has a humid continental climate. The city takes in the slopes of the Centerville Canyon, which is nestled between Viewmont Peak and Centerville Peak. Centerville Canyon is famous for its hiking trails.

Since the city is located below Centerville Canyon, it constantly faces debris-flow hazards due to the great volume of sediment stored in the canyon. Unfortunately, there are no mitigation structures that will reduce the large-volume debris flow. The confluence of several factors, such as brush fires, rainfall, and snowmelt, could trigger a debris flow downhill. The overgrazed and fire-damaged watersheds below the canyon could contribute to the worsening of the flow.

A severe thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rainfall and strong winds will be enough to trigger mud flow. One such storm occurred on May 8, 2017, leading to flooding in the areas below the mountains and the canyon, including the city of Centerville. Storms bring hail and damaging winds that could topple trees and destroy roofs and windows.

Houses that suffer water damage in the wake of a storm are prone to mold infestation. Molds thrive in warm and moist areas. The signs of mold include stains of various colors on home surfaces. Mold often grows unnoticed in dark and less-visited areas of the house and can pose serious home damages and health risks.

Communities that are located on the slopes of a mountain enjoy picturesque scenery year-round, but behind these beautiful surroundings lurk risks of flood, debris flow, water damage and mold infestation. After natural disasters strike, residents need to launch a thorough cleanup. The process can be risky, so homeowners are advised to bring in professionals with the right equipment. The team at The Disaster Company is well-trained and outfitted to deal with flood cleanup and mold inspection. If mold is found, we can instigate cleanup efforts in homes and offices in affected cities, including Centerville mold cleanup.