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Weber County is Utah’s fourth biggest county in terms of population, which was measured at 231,236 at the time of the 2010 census. Ogden, the home of Weber State University, is the largest city in Weber County and also the county seat. The county was established in 1850 and named after the Weber River. Weber County used to stretch up to California, Oregon, and the Utah Territory in the northwest. It shrunk to its current size with the formation of the states of Nevada and Utah. Weber County occupies an expanse of the Wasatch Front, a stretch of the eastern shores of the Great Salt Lake, and a large part of the Wasatch Mountains.

Most of Weber and Davis Counties in Utah are prone to increased levels of indoor radon because of the rock and soil composition in the area. Radon is a radioactive gas that is formed by the natural decay of uranium in the soil and rock. With favorable geologic conditions, the levels of radon could go up. The area west of Liberty has the type of soil that was derived from metamorphic rock that forms the margin of the northwest valley.

Radon is not a problem outdoors because even if the volume of the gas produced is higher than normal, it dissipates into the atmosphere because of air movement. On the other hand, radon is hazardous in homes and buildings because it tends to accumulate in enclosed spaces.

Radon accumulates in structures built on uranium-rich soil that allows for easy movement of the gas. Radon enters buildings through cracks or gaps in the foundation or through porous building materials such as concrete. The rate of radon infiltration will accelerate when the air pressure inside of a building is lower than the pressure in the soil beneath its foundation.

Radon poses great health risks. Its radioactive particles could settle into the lungs and damage tissues. Radon exposure is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the country.

People in areas that are prone to high levels of radon must constantly check their homes for the presence of the gas. The Disaster Company is your partner in inspecting your home for the presence of radon. If the gas is found, our staff is well-equipped to perform biohazard cleanup in Weber County.