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People seal up their house during winter to keep out the cold. In the process, they coop up the air inside for months. Add to the mix the well-worn winter coats and boots and the daily cooking. The result is often an unpleasant cocktail of odors on the homefront.

If temperate weather blows in, you can throw open the windows for some airing out. If not, you could use air fresheners. Store-bought air fresheners can be packed with chemicals, however. For a natural approach, try these homemade air fresheners.

  • Coffee grounds – Place coffee grounds—fresh, dry, or used—in a bowl, and leave them in the area that you need to freshen up. The coffee grounds will absorb the disturbing odors in the house.
  • Vodka – We’re not suggesting that you drink so much vodka that rank smells don’t bother you anymore. Rather, you can use vodka as an air freshener. Put vodka in a spray bottle and spritz it into the air. You can add drops of essential oils to the vodka prior to spraying.
  • Lemon – The cleansing scent of lemon can rejuvenate your home. Set lemon halves out so that they can infuse the air. You can also squeeze fresh lemon juice into a spray bottle and mist it into the air.
  • Orange peel – Are you eating an orange for breakfast or lunch? Don’t toss the peel. Set it out in a bowl where it can emit its scent for hours.
  • Spices – Spices are important for improving the flavor of dishes, but they can also be used to counter bad aromas.

These natural solutions can save you money and help you avoid the irritating chemicals of synthetic air fresheners.


What makes a house feel comfortable and accommodating? It’s not really how big or small it is, but it’s about the aura or ambiance at the house in which scent is very important. Air freshener can help but natural ingredients will keep a more natural aroma inside the house. In this infographic, these natural air freshener could be much more appealing to the family.

Natural Air Freshener Ingredients to Remove the Foul Odor in Homes [infographic]