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If your home or business has suffered from fire damage, call The Disaster Company for emergency board up services today. We are your 24/7 resource to protect yourself from further damage. Once you’ve suffered loss from a fire, the last thing you need to worry about is complications with your insurance carrier or loss from theft, water damage or liability. Our company carries all necessary certifications required by your insurance carriers to protect your home from further damage or theft. We are here to help, not complicate the process. We have the certifications, we know how to protect your property, and we know how to ensure your insurance will cover our services. The Disaster Company is here to alleviate your issues from the disaster you’ve already suffered, not add to them.

Protecting Your Home

Openings into your home caused by fire damage can lead to future loss from weather or theft. Not only do you need to keep burglars from having access to your family heirlooms and personal possessions, you want to keep future damage from the weather from entering your home. The Disaster Company knows how to professionally seal your home from unwanted predators whether they be people, rodents or weather.

Protecting Your Business

Once your business has suffered damage from a fire, you have many concerns – when can you return to business operation? How will you protect your equipment from theft? How can you protect your client’s information from unwanted entrants? How can you restore or maintain your client’s trust that you’ve got everything under control, so you don’t lose future business? The Disaster Company in Ogden, Utah is here to help. We are a privately owned business as well, so we readily understand these concerns. We will respond to provide emergency board up services 24/7 to assist you in protecting your business and assets.

You Need Help Today, Not Tomorrow

The Disaster Company is on call 24/7 to respond to your needs because when disaster strikes, your needs are now, not later. We take the time to train our technicians, and we carry many certifications issued by the International Cleaning and Restoration Certification board in addition to all safety and insurance certifications required. We don’t have these certifications simply because they’re required, we have them because we care about doing our jobs safely and correctly to protect you, our customer. Call us today for emergency board up in Ogden or the surrounding area. You’ll find us to be fast, responsive, professional and thorough in protecting your home or business.