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When your business has suffered fire damage, The Disaster Company in Ogden, Utah, understands that time is money. Our commercial restoration experts have extensive training in dealing with commercial fire damage. Each one is qualified to perform all the actions required to reduce your downtime and get you back to business in a timely fashion. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration has certified our company, and our B-1 contractors are fully insured. We will work with your insurance company to provide high quality, cost-effective, cleanup and restoration services.

Commercial Fire Cleanup & Repair

Immediately following a commercial fire, it is critical to secure the property against trespassers, theft, and weather damage. It is also imperative to minimize liability for injuries sustained by those accessing the property. The Disaster Company can be on the spot within the hour to erect barriers and to board up and/or construct covering for your building when necessary. Rapid response is critical to prevent further damage caused by soot and moisture. When power has been shut off, we can provide temporary power, lighting, and drying equipment to the site to mitigate the effects of water damage and resulting mold.

We are equipped to handle all sorts of commercial fires, including wet fire, dry fire, electrical fire, and grease fire. We can even deal with the residue of soot, fuel, and oil left once the fire has been extinguished. We manage the less obvious hazards like asbestos, lead or other building materials that may pose a respiratory hazard. Since soot can cause etching and sometimes irreversible damage, we immediately begin removing the residue from your walls, fixtures, upholstery, and carpeting, as well as every crevice where smoke and sediment collect. Smoke damage can also cause tiny particles to enter your HVAC system. Our professionals can perform a thorough inspection and clean your vents and air ducts if required. Once the cleaning process is complete, we will deodorize the entire premises to remove any residual smoke and soot odors.

Contents Cleaning For Businesses

The Disaster Company uses state-of-the-art technology to restore and recover your damaged electronics, documents, data, furniture, and contents. We take inventory of those items that can be salvaged and remove them to our facility for cleaning and storage until your building has been restored.

Hiring a qualified company to negotiate the cleaning and restoration of your facility after a fire is just good business. Call the Disaster Company in Ogden to assure that your building is returned to like-new condition, and get your company up and running again in record time.