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A house fire could develop at any time, affecting any part of your home, but some areas of the home are more vulnerable to flames than others. While it is important that you implement fire safety throughout your house or apartment, you should pay special attention to certain areas.

  • Kitchen – It is estimated that half of home fires start in this part of the house. The stove or oven is the number one cause of a fire at home—especially if it is dirty or caked with greasy residue. Homeowners should pay extra attention to keeping the kitchen cooking devices clean and safe in order to keep fires from breaking out.
  • Home appliances – Home appliances operate using electricity, gas, or a combination of the two. These appliances, especially when they are older, are potential fire hazards. Try running the appliances only when there is somebody in the home to protect against fires.
  • Chimneys and fireplaces – Chimneys and fireplaces are useful during cold weather, but if they have structural problems, they could overheat and potentially catch flame. Have your chimneys and fireplaces inspected for defects on a regular basis in order to minimize the risk of fires.
  • Bedroom – Bedrooms are prone to fire damage because they are full of bedding, mattresses, and curtains that could catch fire. Older mattresses are less flame-retardant and especially susceptible to fires. Make sure to have smoke alarms installed in every bedroom of the house.
  • Living room – Living rooms may contain cloth-covered furniture and small electrical items (such as lamps) that could catch fire.

Take a walk around your home to scout out potential fire hazards. Ensure that you have enough smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to comply with building codes in your area and that all of the detectors are functioning properly. Make sure that each family member can locate your fire extinguishers and that they know how to operate them.


Your home is the most precious possession you invested in your life because it is a place where you can rekindle with your family and loved ones. Surely, you want to secure it from damage like fire incident. However, most cases of fire started in the kitchen because it is the fire-prone area at home. This infographic provides leading causes of fire which you need to avoid.

Fire Prone Areas in your Home [infographic]