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Riverdale is a city in Weber County, Utah. The first settlers arrived in the area in 1850. It was incorporated in 1946 and became a city in 1956. Riverdale reported a population of 8,560 in 2012. It sits on a land area of 4.4 square miles with an elevation of 4,370 feet. Hill Air Force Base is located to the south of the city.

A survey was conducted in 1989 by the Utah Geological and Mineral Survey to assess any geological hazards that could threaten the proposed construction of a tw0-million-gallon water tank in the city of Riverdale. The water tank was to be installed next to the existing one- million-gallon tank. The proposed construction site was on a bench created by delta deposits from the Weber River in the ancient Lake Bonneville. The site was directly in the path of the Davis-Weber canal, which needed to be diverted to the western side of the proposed site.

The soil underneath the water tank site was composed of permeable gravel and sand that exhibited low shrink-swell capacity and high shear strength with good compaction. That meant that there was very little risk of the water tank sinking because water spills could easily be absorbed by the soil. The project posed a few possible problems in relation to the diversion of the canal. The canal had the potential to overflow in the event of heavy rainfall or snowmelt, flooding the low-lying residential communities.

The flooding risks that accompanied the water tank project are common to Riverdale. Due to the city’s location, it is often at risk for water inundation. When flooding occurs, homes and businesses are vulnerable to ensuing mold infestation. Molds thrive in the damp environment created by flooding. Mold may go unnoticed for a while, but it will start to emit a foul odor in time. Mold infestation also poses significant health risks.

Floods are never welcome in any community, but they are often inevitable. In the unfortunate event of flooding, residents should be on the lookout for mold growth. The Disaster Company can provide compassionate and competent help in the wake of flooding. Our trained technicians are prepared to handle mold inspection and removal in Riverdale.