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Roy, located along I-15 in Utah, is a city in Weber County. The city was first settled in 1873 and incorporated in 1937. It has a population of 37,604, a land area of 7.6 square miles, and an elevation of 4,541 feet. The city is on the Wasatch Front, which receives significant precipitation in all seasons except summer. Roy receives an average of 18 inches of rain each year.

Several dams in northern Utah serve as water reservoirs and help with flood control during times of heavy rainfall and snowmelt. Some years bring an above-average snowpack in the mountains of Utah. Melting snow and heavy rain from storms result in high volumes of water flowing to low-lying areas downstream. Whenever there is heavy rainfall, dams could get overwhelmed. When this happens, they may have to be released into the river, resulting in the river reaching flood stage.

The residents of Weber County, including citizens of Roy, consistently deal with the risks of overflowing dams and resulting floods in their communities. Dams typically release water in the spring to make room for the expected snowmelt when the temperature goes up. When there is more precipitation than was predicted, there may be moderate to severe flooding.

Flooding presents many challenges, not the least of which is mold growth. Molds can thrive in damp homes after floodwaters recede. Homeowners should keep a close eye out for mold infestation after a flood. Mold can cause serious health problems if it is not properly removed.

At The Disaster Company, we have a highly specialized team that performs thorough mold inspection and removal in Roy and other communities in Utah.