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Hooper is a city in Weber County, Utah. The community was first settled in 1854 but was converted into a township in 1996. In 2000, it became an incorporated city. The city’s population of about 7,700 is spread across a land area of 11.7 square miles. Hooper is a bedroom community that serves workers from Hill Air Force Base and different technology-oriented manufacturing companies in the area.

Hooper is located adjacent to the Great Salt Lake. It also lies downstream of several dams in northern Utah. The dams catch the snowmelt and rainfall from the peaks of the Utah Mountains. When the level of the lake is elevated and the rainfall and snowmelt from the mountains overwhelm the dams and reservoirs, Hooper and neighboring cities could face severe flooding. Even if the dams do not release excessive water, the elevated lake may still flood nearby cities such as Hooper.

Cities in northern Utah, especially those in Weber and Davis Counties, face the threat of earthquakes due to the presence of the Wasatch Fault, an active fault located on the western edge of the Wasatch Mountains. The fault, which is 24o miles long, stretches from the southern part of Idaho through northern Utah down to the central part of the state. The fault line has different independent segments, each of which can produce earthquakes of a 7.5 magnitude. An earthquake of high magnitude could bring severe damage to cities in the area.

Because of Hooper’s proximity to the Great Salt Lake, it is also prone to liquefaction when earthquakes strike. This means that the soil could lose its stiffness and be unable to support the city’s structures.

While enjoying the beauty and serenity of Hooper, the city’s residents should always be prepared for disaster to strike. In the event of a storm or flood, The Disaster Company is well-equipped to provide quick and efficient intervention. We specialize in disaster cleanup in Hooper and cities across the state.