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Ogden, located in Weber County, Utah, is 10 miles to the east of the Great Salt Lake and about 40 miles to the north of Salt Lake City. Because of its access to key highways and railways, Ogden has become a major distribution and manufacturing hub in the region. It boasts a number of historic buildings and proximity to trails and resorts in the Wasatch Mountains.

The Ogden River Canyon, located about seven miles east of the city of Ogden, has had several incidents of landslides, including one that occurred in April 2005. The landslide began near Lake Bonneville and affected the Pineview Water System pipeline. It was caused by higher-than-normal precipitation.

Ogden River Canyon is a 6-mile canyon in the Wasatch Range that was carved out by the Ogden River. The accumulation of sediment in the canyon makes it prone to landslides. When there is heavy rain or snowmelt, the accumulated sediment becomes unstable and could trigger a landslide. A landslide from the Ogden River Canyon could cover the waterline easement or dirt road below. It could break water pipes and flood the communities downstream.

Ogden also faces the risk of earthquakes because of its proximity to the Wasatch Fault. The fault stretches from the southern border of Idaho through the northern part of Utah.

Ogden residents should be prepared for natural disasters to strike. Nobody welcomes calamity, but it is often inevitable. In the wake of a catastrophe, communities should aim to rebuild quickly. At The Disaster Company, we are well-equipped to lend a compassionate hand in the aftermath of any cataclysmic event. Our trained staff is poised and ready to handle natural disaster cleanup in Ogden and surrounding communities.