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You wish a disaster upon no one, but they happen. At least you can be there to help when disaster strikes and help your community recover. But with disaster clean up being such a unique industry, how do you get your foot in the door to help your community when they need you? We asked others in the industry and here is what they had to say.Eric is a REALTORĀ® at Keller Williams, Lead Agent at Team Sztanyo and founder of We Buy NKY Houses – a Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky cash home buyer.There are many ways to get fire restoration jobs, and they include both online and offline marketing. Here are three methods that can help you beat your competition.

  1. Relationships with Insurance Agents – This takes time and a lot of effort, but after a fire takes place, you can be sure that the insurance agent is being called. If you can be the fire restoration company that has the right relationship with local insurance agents, you will get all kinds of fire restoration work. This takes time and effort to earn the trust of these agents.
  2. Google Adwords – If people don’t call their insurance company, they will often turn to Google to find a fire restoration company. Google Adwords is a great way to show up when they are looking. Work with an experienced Paid Ads manager or start yourself with small budget, but there are many leads to be had from people searching Google.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – This is part of the same conversation, but a different route. SEO has changed over the years, but the basic premise is the same. If you can be a business that offers a superior result, Google will want to rank you. You’ll need to build up your local SEO presence and focus on getting rankings. There’s a whole other world to getting those top SEO rankings, but if you can get them, they can become extremely profitable for your business.

Go to your local real estate meet up groups and network with investors who buy homes. Since fire damaged homes aren’t normally sold on the MLS through a Realtor, cash home buyers will be the type of buyer taking on these projects to flip the property, rebuild it, or turn it into a rental property. Offer to do repair estimates for free and make sure you’re available when the investors are looking at the house for the first time and are trying to come up with an offer for the homeowner. This will position you in the best spot to be the company that wins the job as most contractors charge to go on property walkthroughs and they typically don’t make themselves available when investors need them most.Owner | Breyer Home Buyers

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