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Tips for starting a flood restoration business

Starting a new business is always challenging, but especially one as complex as flood restoration. We polled a team of experts to find out some good first steps to take if you want to start your own flood restoration company. Here’s what they had to say.Business Coach, Stacy Caprio Inc.
www.stacycaprio.comIf this is your first shot at starting a flood restoration business, I would recommend looking into starting a franchise versus going at it alone with your own brand. When you start a franchise, you’ll be getting all of their branding, their knowledge of the industry, their daily and yearly practices, and you’ll have a much better chance of success.When starting a flood restoration business, it’s important to do your research on competitors in your area. Do a quick Google search for flood restoration in your city, and browse the websites in the top search results. See what these companies are offering in terms of services. Also, pay special attention to the content of their website, as the keywords they are using are likely what prospects are searching for online.Founder of City Residential Foundation Repair. Chuck is an expert in waterproofing homes and flood restoration.

Sophie Warner is a skilled writer and freelancer who works as part of a team at Sierra Web Development to help businesses start or grow their online presence by using a mix of digital marketing solutions.

For any business, marketing plays an important role. But if you think about it, a company or service that you never plan on needing such as locksmiths, tow trucks or, in this case, flood restoration isn’t super exciting to market. Content marketing and social media won’t work here very well because people just don’t care what a tow truck company is posting on Instagram. For this type of business, Pay Per Click or PPC Marketing will play a vital role in helping you gain visibility over competitors. With Pay Per Click marketing, you are able to get your business right in front of potential customers as soon as they google for companies that offer the service.

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