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The city of Kaysville in Davis County, Utah is located at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. The city, with a population of almost 30,000, occupies a 10.5 square mile land area. Kaysville has an elevation of 4,357 feet. It was the first incorporated city in Davis County. Many hiking trails into the Wasatch Mountains start at the outskirts of Kaysville.

Because of Kaysville’s proximity to the Wasatch Mountains, it gets about 20 inches of rain and 42 inches of snow. While those are the average numbers, unusually heavy rains do strike from time to time. In August of 2015, for example, Kaysville received so much rain that the field next to the Davis Applied Technology College was inundated with water up to six feet deep.

The local residents used the field for baseball games, but it was really intended as an area for water runoff. Locals had never seen the likes of the torrential rainfall. In the wake of the flooding, they used the flooded field for water sports and activities, even bringing out their kayaks and surfboards. They compared the field to a private ocean with grass instead of sand. Vehicles were filled with floodwater, and many homes were flooded.

The risk of mold infestation is very high when there is lingering water in a house after flooding. Wood, drywall, and flooring all absorb moisture and become fertile ground for mold growth. It’s not always easy to detect mold, but it will often emit a smell. It can also trigger asthma or allergy attacks for some people, stirring up irritation in the throat, nose, skin, and lungs.

Communities do not welcome disasters such as flood, but sometimes these catastrophes cannot be avoided. After floods subside, residents will have to initiate a rebuilding effort. Before doing so, they can call the professionals at The Disaster Company to help with flood and mold cleanup in Kaysville and surrounding cities.