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Hooper, originally called Muskrat Springs and later Hooperville, is a city in Weber County, Utah. Settled around 1854, the community only became a township in 1996 and was incorporated as a city in 2000. Hooper has a population of about 7,700 based on the 2012 census. It sits on 11.7 square miles of land. Freemont Island in the Great Salt Lake, although privately-owned, is within the territorial boundaries of Hooper.

Hooper lies downstream of several dams in northern Utah. Those dams serve as flood control whenever there is an above-average snowpack in the Utah Mountains. Melting snow or heavy rainfall caused by a storm results in water gushing downstream. This rush of water can overwhelm the dams and reservoirs. Officials may have to release additional water into the Ogden River, causing the waterway to reach flood stage.

The spring runoff of some dams, such as the East Canyon Dam, threatens the cities downstream. In early April of this year, cities in Weber County had to deal with bloated dams and flood risks. Great volumes of water were released from the dams in anticipation of more snowmelt and rainfall from the mountains. A rainstorm that was expected to pass through the northern part of the state prompted the U.S. National Weather Service to issue flood watches in various cities of Weber County, including Hooper. Residents started piling up sandbags to protect their homes against excess water.

A flood brings a myriad of problems to affected homes, including potential mold infestation. Recently flooded homes can often make the perfect Petri dishes in which moisture-loving molds can grow. When mold spores are inhaled, they can pose serious health risks. Homeowners should make mold inspection, remediation, and cleanup a priority in the wake of a flood.

At the Disaster Company, we are equipped, trained and ready to take care of mold cleanup in Hooper and other communities throughout the state of Utah. When floods strike, we can offer speedy and thorough assistance to get rid of all traces of hazardous mold.