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Layton, a city in Davis County, Utah, was originally an outgrowth of Kaysville. It became an incorporated city in 1920. Layton has experienced explosive growth since then, becoming the current leader in economic development in Davis County. The city’s proximity to Hill Air Force Base and the presence of various manufacturing and warehouse facilities have driven its financial success.

Layton is located between the Wasatch Mountains to the east and the Great Salt Lake to the west. The proximity of the city to the lake often results in heavy snowfall during winter. For snow lovers, this can add to the city’s appeal, but it can also pose challenges. During heavy snow, fire hydrants can become buried beneath a blanket of white.

The Layton Fire Department typically receives 15 calls per day. When they respond to a call in winter, it can take a long time for crews to dig until the hydrant is accessible. This engenders greater risk for those affected by the blaze because fires grow larger with every passing second.

The Layton Fire Department issued an appeal to city residents to refrain from dumping shoveled snow onto fire hydrants, encouraging people to leave a three-foot perimeter around each hydrant. Residents aren’t the only problem, however. Snow plows barrel down streets and dump the cleared snow by the roadside, covering the fire hydrants.

City and fire department officials continue to work together to find a solution so that winter fires can be extinguished quickly. With ongoing communication, the problem is improving.

Even after fires are put out, property owners are still faced with the daunting job of cleaning up and rebuilding. Fire cleanup can be dangerous and complicated. The trained professionals at The Disaster Company can help you complete the job properly and safely. For more information, contact us for Layton fire cleanup.