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South Weber is a city in Davis County, Utah. It is located in the northeastern part of the county, with Weber County to its north. It is bordered on the southwest side by Hill Air Force Base. South Weber’s population was measured at 6,731 in 2014. It covers a land area of 4.7 square miles with an elevation of 4,511 feet. The area was first settled in 1851 and became incorporated as a city in 1938. The city was named after the Weber River.

Every community faces the threat of fire, regardless of the season. The presence of a local fire department, even if the firefighters are volunteers, strengthens the community. In most parts of the U.S., fire responses range from three to 10 minutes. In the event of a fire, every second counts. The number of firefighters in a local department can make a big difference in response time. An adequately staffed team can save lives and minimize property damage.

The city of South Weber faced the problem of an inadequate firefighting force when the local fire department was reorganized in 2016. Internal problems forced the city government to fire some members of the team, which was followed by other firefighters resigning. From the original staff of 17 firefighters, the department dwindled to just nine.

By January of 2017, things began to improve. The city’s fire department was revamped, and new volunteer firefighters joined the force. The city committed to a budget to cover the hourly salary of the firefighters and purchase new equipment like carbon monoxide meters and defibrillator machines. The city government also made plans to keep the staff fully trained.

Communities feel safer when there is a fully operational fire department nearby. Even with professionals ready to mitigate the effects of fire, however, not all blazes are contained before they cause damage. When fire strikes, a family’s first concern should be for the safety of its members. After that, they will need to clean up and rebuild. The Disaster Company has technicians who are trained to perform thorough fire cleanup in South Weber and other cities throughout the state.