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Layton, a city in Davis County, Utah, was first settled in the 1850s as an outgrowth of the city of Kaysville. It was named after Christopher Layton, a Mormon leader. Layton was made into an independent unincorporated area in 1902 and became an incorporated city in 1920.

Layton has a population of roughly 72,231 (as measured in 2014). It spreads over a 22.2 square mile land area. The city is an economic hub in Davis County, with many of its residents working at various manufacturing companies as well as nearby Hill Air Force Base.

Located in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, Layton is a serene and picturesque city that is also prone to natural disasters. In addition to the risk of flooding and landslides, Layton also faces the risk of earthquakes due to its proximity to the Wasatch Fault, an active fault located on the western side of the Wasatch Mountains. It is 240 miles long, starting from the southern portion of Idaho, cutting through northern Utah, and ending in Central Utah. The Wasatch Fault has several independent segments that average about 25 miles long. Each of the segments can produce earthquakes of high magnitudes.

Most of the buildings in Northern Utah were constructed along the fault line before people understood the earthquake risks. Recent geological studies conducted in the area suggested slope instability in some areas that are prone to landslides. Those areas face the risk of collapse in the event of a strong earthquake.

The geological studies also determined that the clay soil of Layton and the surrounding areas is prone to sink when saturated with water. The rising levels of the Great Salt Lake could inundate those areas, and the lingering floodwater could cause the area to sink over time.

Layton, with its stunning mountain views and proximity to water, is a great place to live, but it has its risks. Layton and surrounding communities should be prepared for potential disasters in their area.

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