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Weber County, which extends from the Wasatch Range to the east to portions of the Great Salt Lake to the west, is the fourth largest county in Utah in terms of population. It has roughly 243,645 residents and a total area of 659 square miles. Weber County is the third smallest county in the state in terms of total area and the second smallest in land area. The county is divided into two areas – the Upper Valley and the Lower Valley. The Lower Valley, located close to the Great Salt Lake, has a larger population. The Upper Valley is more mountainous and sparsely populated.

The Weber and Ogden rivers, including their tributaries, flow through the county. Water from the mountains flows downstream through the population centers, close to the Great Salt Lake. Flooding is a constant threat to communities located downstream of the rivers, spillways and canals coming from dams in the area. In addition to flooding, there is also the risk of landslides that could occur on the slopes of the mountains, especially in the area of the Ogden River Canyon. The accumulated sediment in the canyon could be triggered by heavy rainfall or snowmelt, turning into a debris landslide.

Earthquakes pose additional threats to the serene life in Weber County. The county is located along the Wasatch Fault, the 240 mile-long active fault on the western side of the Wasatch Mountains. It runs from the southern part of Idaho through northern Utah, ending in the central part of the state. The Wasatch Fault has several independent segments, each of which can produce high magnitude earthquakes.

Geologic studies have shown that the clay soil of Weber County could cause the area to sink when the ground is saturated with water. Should the Great Salt Lake overflow, it could inundate the residential areas. As a result, the saturated grounds could give way under the weight of homes and buildings and slowly sink.

Residents of Weber County should be prepared in case disaster strikes. In the wake of a calamity, cleanup and restoration become top priorities. At The Disaster Company, we have a trained, well-equipped, and professional team ready and waiting to intervene in the wake of a catastrophe. We can help with disaster cleanup in Weber County and other parts of the state.