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The year 2017 has been a busy one for The Disaster Company. We stayed active and engaged helping the people of Northern Utah recover from the effects of natural disasters, including fires and floods. We cleaned up damaged properties and restored them to their original condition, enabling residents to move forward with their lives.

The trained and experienced team members at The Disaster Company deal with damages from fire, flood, and mold as well as the cleanup of hazardous materials. As the year comes to an end, we want to remind citizens of Utah to be prepared for catastrophes that are associated with the New Year.

Here are some tips to help you ring in 2018 in safety.

  • Practice common sense when you drink – Drinking seems almost synonymous with New Year’s Eve, but use caution. Don’t put your drink down and walk off. Always carry your drink with you. You never know when someone could spike your drink with drugs while you are away.
  • Don’t drink and drive – If you drink to welcome the New Year, make it a point to arrange for transportation home afterward. If you cannot find a friend to drive for you, use a taxi or ride-sharing service.
  • Watch out for your surroundings – Maintain good situational awareness. Always carry a communication device, such as a cell phone, wherever you go to make it easy to get help if you find yourself in an unsafe situation.
  • Stay away from illegal fireworks or guns – If you want to enjoy fireworks on New Year’s Eve, go to a fireworks shows. Don’t light illegal fireworks or fire your gun to welcome in the New Year.
  • Be mindful of your pets – Loud noises and fireworks will frighten your pets. Keep them safe and secure at home, in the company of others if possible, so that they will not get scared.

As your Utah disaster clean up specialists, we wish you a safe and peaceful New Year’s celebration. Thank you for your patronage during the past year.