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Technology is changing the way we live on an incredible scale. We have smart speakers that can respond to our voices and do things on our behalf, like turning on music. Intelligent devices don’t just have the power to simplify our lives, however. The right gadgets can protect you against water and fire disasters.

Things like smart sensors and gadgets in your home can protect you from things like flooding, mold, smoke, and even the onset of unexpected fires. From cameras to unique outlet systems you can access with your phone, there’s something for every challenge.

Let’s explore some of the impressive technology you can bring into your home to defend against common fire and water threats.

Smart Leak Detectors and Flood Prevention

Floods and leaks can be significant sources of damage to your home. Often, what makes the threat of a leak worse is that you can’t always detect it straight away. This allows the water to build up and create damage as it expands. A smart water leak detector is a device you can situate between the various pipes and plumbing fixtures of your home, such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and more.

You can set your devices to automatically sound an alarm or send a notification to your smartphone if a leak begins, which means you can act fast to fix the problem. You can even install smart water shut-off valves to prevent floods when you’re not at home.

Some water leak and flood prevention devices come with extra features like tracking how much water you use each day. As a result, you can immediately detect if there’s something wrong with your pipes before you see evidence of water damage. There are even devices available to help you check the humidity levels in your home so you can detect mold and mildew early.

Some of the water options you can get include:

  • Flood detection systems
  • Smart leak detectors for pipes
  • Automatic shut-off valves

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Security

Fire is among the most worrisome threats for any homeowner. Fires can break out in almost any part of the home and cause significant damage. Keeping your home and family safe requires constant vigilance, and the right technology can make a huge difference.

For instance, an intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide detector can instantly alert you to the status of your home’s air quality and potential signs of an impending problem. These tools can send alerts to your phone when you’re not at home or sound alarms in seconds.

If you ever leave the house and worry that you might have left a stove on, you can also get devices that allow you to monitor potential sources of fire and destruction. These devices allow you to turn products off at a distance or alert someone to potential danger.

Smart batteries are another excellent option for homeowners who want to protect their properties against potential smoke and carbon monoxide issues. These batteries are compatible with all kinds of CO and smoke detectors and let you know immediately via your smartphone when a battery needs to be changed, just in case you forget.

Potential tools you can invest in for fire and carbon monoxide security include:

  • Smart smoke detectors
  • Intelligent carbon monoxide detectors
  • Outlet and fire monitoring systems

Other Devices for Defending Your Home

The wide range of devices available for defending the home today means customers can do a range of things to improve their chances of having a safe, well-protected property. Temperature sensors can be handy for homes in cold weather environments, providing them with alarms and notifications when pipes have a chance of breaking due to extreme temperatures.

Your intelligent home security system might even come with extra features to protect against water and fire issues. For instance, you could have sensors that detect potential problems on your property with smart cameras. An intelligent camera system that connects to your smartphone can show you if you’ve left a hair straightener plugged in or a scented candle burning. Cameras also allow you to check in on your property when you’re away to see things like leaks that might begin following a huge storm.

Other great products include smart outlets, which you can turn on from your smartphone to avoid leaving dangerous electrical equipment running all day. Being able to turn various electrical appliances off from a distance could help you to avoid electrical fires.

Worried about cooking fires? You now have smart stovetops to protect against these flare-ups. These devices rely on motion-sensing technology built to switch off the stove automatically. When the sensor identifies that you’ve left the kitchen, it starts a countdown to deactivate the stove. This works both ways, meaning the device restarts the countdown automatically when you head back to check on the stove.

Important to Remember

Although convenient, homeowners need to connect most smart devices to the internet, which brings another risk. A hacker could infiltrate the device and turn it off while you’re at work or on vacation. If that device is monitoring fires or carbon monoxide, or water leaks, this unfunctional device could potentially give way to a hazard. In other words, smart home devices can be lifesavers, but they’re not foolproof. Make sure that you have the necessary firewalls and other protections in place to shield your devices from hackers.

Even though technology allows us to be safer than ever, disasters still happen. Should you experience a fire or water-related emergency, contact our team of Utah disaster clean up specialists. We can quickly assess the damage, mitigate hazards, and use every available resource to restore your property and peace of mind.