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Sunset Disaster Repair Company

By September 15, 2022No Comments

Sunset Utah’s Premier Disaster Repair Specialists

Conveniently located adjacent to Hill Air Force Base and just 40 miles from Salt Lake City, Sunset is a tiny town of less than 1.5 square miles and is home to around 5,000 residents. The area is teeming with recreational activities for all ages, including museums, golf courses, nature preserves, and, of course, the delights of the bustling, nearby metropolis of Salt Lake City.  

The Disaster Company is here for Sunset residents for those times when life presents its challenges. We are experts in handling any sort of disaster that can affect your home or place of business, including fire damage, mold damage, flood and storm damage, and bio hazardous damage. Our certified and experienced technicians are on call 24 hours a day and ready to serve.

As a family owned and operated business, it is our privilege to assist our fellow Davis County residents in their time of need. We are among the highest-rated disaster companies in our region, and we’re proud to say that Utah residents prefer us to the national brands. When disaster strikes, we are honored to assist our neighbors in Sunset.

The Disaster Company Handles All of Sunset’s Disaster Repair Needs

Fire damage restoration, flood damage restoration, mold damage restoration, water damage restoration, and bio hazardous damage restoration require specialized knowledge and experience. Not only can these disasters cause dangerous household conditions, they can also devalue your property significantly if they are not remediated properly. That’s why our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, an internationally recognized organization that educates and certifies disaster repair specialists. 

With our decades of experience in the disaster repair business along with the extensive experience of each one of our technicians, we are the best equipped disaster repair company in the region. We dispatch the relevant experts to your Sunset home as soon as we receive your call, then get to work to assess the damage, deliver an itemized quote for each one of our recommended services, then communicate with your insurer so that you understand exactly what is covered.

Disaster remediation is all we do, so Sunset residents know they are in good hands when they make that call to The Disaster Company. 

Sunset Residents Trust The Disaster Company for:

Fire Damage Restoration

Most of us believe that a house fire won’t ever happen to us. And yet, there are hundreds of thousands of home fires in the United States every year, and more than $8 billion in damage is caused by those fires. If the unthinkable happens to you, contact The Disaster Company right away. We take care of everything following a house fire from beginning to end, including removing water leftover from the firefighters, structural restoration, ash and toxic gas removal, and cleaning and deodorizing. 

Flood Damage Restoration

Flood damage can create a cascade of issues in your Sunset home. Standing water, sewage contamination, structural damage, mold growth, and potentially extensive damage to furnishings and possessions are not uncommon. You may even be required to take shelter elsewhere for days or even weeks while the damage is remediated. 

Hopefully you are fortunate enough not to experience flood damage in your home, but when you do, The Disaster Company is ready and willing to help. Our comprehensive flood damage clean up services ensure that the work is done right the first time, preventing further moisture infiltration and unseen damage from threatening your property into the future.

Water Damage Restoration

The expensive features of a home—such as the roof, appliances and household systems, and the plumbing—are unfortunately all ripe areas for water leaks. These can cause water infiltration behind walls, under floors, and in the attic or basement. These are all areas that can hide water damage at first, sometimes not becoming obvious until significant damage has already been done. 

If you are experiencing water stains in the ceilings or floors, water damage under the sink, unusual plumbing noises, or higher than usual water bills, these may all be signs that water damage is underway in your Sunset home. Call us at the first sign of water damage so that we can investigate the matter fully. If water damage is present, our water damage clean up protocol will ensure that the issue is remediated and you are protected from further damage down the line. 

Wind Damage Restoration

Wind/storm damage can be surprisingly dangerous. If you’re lucky, you may escape a heavy storm with some minor damage to trees, shrubs, and patio furniture. Unlucky homeowners may face broken windows, roof damage, gutter damage, water infiltration damage, as well as damage from fallen trees or flying objects. 

Following wind/storm damage to your home, it’s important to call us immediately. We will handle cutting the power source to your home, which could pose an electrocution threat, and we will rule out a gas leak that could also result from the storm. Once we’ve eliminated these potentially life-threatening issues, we will document the damage and get to work on repairs so you and your family can get back to normal just as soon as possible. 

Mold Damage Restoration

Mold is an insidious problem that should always be remediated by experts. Once you see mold growing on walls or ceilings, or if there is a musty smell, it’s likely that mold may have already infiltrated drywall or other structural elements of your home. Attempting to remove mold with bleach, therefore, will not work, and it could actually make the situation worse. 

Mold is a toxic invader that must be professionally removed and the affected areas remediated or replaced, sanitized, and sealed. Otherwise, you risk allowing this health-destroying toxin to affect your family’s health. If you suspect mold growth in your Sunset home, call The Disaster Company for professional evaluation immediately. 

Bio Hazardous Damage Restoration

By definition, bio hazardous damage is extremely dangerous to human health. Untrained laypersons should never attempt to clean up bio hazardous substances. We are ready to respond to any bio hazardous situation, whether it involves blood, animal waste or infestations, suicide or crime scenes, hospitals and nursing homes, or vehicle accidents. Our bio hazardous clean up professionals are trained, licensed, and insured to handle any bio hazardous damage safely and according to all local and national laws. 

Sunset, Utah

If you live in Sunset, you may well be living on land where pioneers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint (commonly known as Mormon pioneers) would have raised their animals not so long ago. How times change! To recapture some of the feeling of those early days, visit nearby Pioneer Village, the Roy Historical Museum, or Salt Lake City’s Church History Museum.  

Some of Utah’s most exciting slopes can be found just east of Sunset, where locals and visitors alike enjoy the heavy snowfalls in Utah’s winter months. Snowboarding, sledding, shopping, and world class restaurants can be found in the mountains’ extensive, family friendly ski resorts. 

When milder weather hits, Sunset residents can enjoy a day at Lagoon Amusement Park, Eccles Dinosaur Park, or perhaps Legacy Nature Preserve. There are so many fun outdoor destinations that it can take months to experience them all! Golf is a favorite local pastime with plenty of nearby courses to satisfy.  

We are proud to service the beautiful community of Sunset and help its residents move forward with peace of mind in the wake of disasters.