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Sunset is a city in Davis County, Utah. It is located in the northern part of the county and is bordered to the east by Hill Air Force Base. Clearfield is located to the south of the city while Clinton is to the west. The city shares a boundary with Weber County to the north. Sunset was incorporated in 1935. It has a population of roughly 5,234 in a 1.3 square mile land area and an elevation of 4,511 feet.

An elderly couple perished in a house fire in Sunset in February of this year. Neighbors said that the fire was fast moving, and there was no way to save the people inside. It was not clear how the fire began, and an investigation was started immediately. The residents of the city were impressed by the fast response of the fire firefighters and emphasized the need to have a fire department close by.

In May of 2017, the City Council of Sunset voted to close the city’s fire department and contract with the services of the North Davis Fire District. However, the governing board of the North Davis district must still approve the agreement.

Some Sunset residents worry that if the city is under the services of a neighboring district, the response time could become longer. Firefighters responding from outside the city limits will spend more time traveling to the scene of the emergency. Sunset City Council members assured the public that their concerns were heard but also reasoned that due to financial constraints, it would be impossible for the city to run its own fire department.

Community residents are hoping for the best in the event of future fires. If a fire occurs, residents will need to clean up the damages and rebuild. The Disaster Company specializes in helping people get back in their home and on their feet as soon as possible. Our trained and experienced professionals offer fire cleanup in Sunset and other communities across the state.