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If your home is located in a low-lying area, or if you are near an ocean, lake or river, you are at a greater risk for flooding. Even as little as an inch of floodwater in your home could amount to extensive damage that will require costly cleanup and renovation after the flood subsides.

You can take proactive steps to mitigate and even prevent flooding. Taking a few preventative measures today could help keep your family safe and save you thousands of dollars in repair expenses.

To prevent residential flooding, start by having your home’s drainage system inspected. Check for accumulated debris inside the drainage system, as a blockage in the system will lead to big back ups when it rains. If precipitation is on its way, the roof’s gutters must be inspected and cleared of leaves and dirt to allow the free flow of rainwater into the drainage system. Accumulated debris could block the drainage system and cause water to back up in your home.

To prevent flooding, it’s also a good idea to have the home water sealed. Tiny cracks in the home’s foundation, flooring, and walls are pathways for floodwaters to enter the interior of the house. The sunken areas in the foundation will accumulate water, so they need to be leveled up. It is easy to seal cracks using cement or caulk. A porous foundation, flooring, or walls will allow floodwater to seep in. This problem could be remedied by using waterproof cement as an additional layer of protection.

There is little you can do to hold off mega-floods that inundate the neighborhood. If you cannot protect your house from major flooding, the next best course of action is protect your valuables. When you first hear about an impending flood, gather your treasured items and keep them in an elevated area where they will be safe.

Most importantly, you need to protect the lives of your family members. Follow evacuation orders, and don’t take unnecessary risks. Once the floods have subsided, call in Utah disaster clean up specialists to do a thorough flood clean up.

How can you make your house flood resistant? Cleaning the house after getting flooded can be tiring and at the same time frustrating. That is why you have to learn how to water-seal your home especially its foundation. Check this infographic for more tips.

How to Make Your House Flood Resistant