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Storms bring high winds that can wreak havoc on the structures in their path. Home and building owners typically reinforce their properties before the arrival of a storm, especially if it is predicted to be a strong one.

Property owners must focus on protecting a building’s weak or vulnerable spots, including windows, roofing, siding, doors, and garage doors.

The following are a few steps for preventing or limiting storm damage to your property:

  • Install shutters on windows and glass doors – Put up steel or aluminum shutters on your windows and doors to protect them from flying objects that could shatter the glass. They may be a bit of an investment, but shutters are still cheaper than replacing or repairing your broken windows and doors.
  • Reinforce the garage door – The garage door is one of the weakest points in your house and could be easily blown away by strong winds. Determine the strength of your garage door by asking a professional to perform an inspection and make necessary reinforcements before weather events strike.
  • Secure the shingles on your roof – Shingles are vulnerable to powerful wind when they are not securely fastened. When shingles blow away, your home could be exposed to rainwater, bringing untold damage to your entire house. Ask a roofer to check your shingles and use additional nails or staples to put loose shingles back in place.
  • Remove trees next to the house – When strong winds topple trees or shear off their branches, your home could be affected. Trim tree branches that are dangerously close to your home.
  • Anchor sheds – Many houses have storage sheds in the yard. These lightweight structures could be blown away by forceful winds. Attach them securely to the ground, and bring grills and outdoor furniture inside.

Preparing for a storm is a challenge, but the cleanup job after the storm is in a class all its own. If the cleanup is modest, you may be able to tackle it on your own. If it is complicated, risky, or overwhelming, however, call in the professionals. Utah cleanup specialists are specially trained to tackle remediation safely and efficiently in the wake of storms.