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People decorate their homes with jack-o’-lanterns, dried cornstalks, papers spiders and other themed items during the celebration of Halloween. The decorations add to the allure of the holiday, but they can also present dangers.

There are ways to make Halloween fun and scary without compromising safety. The following tips can help prevent fires during the holiday celebration:

  • Keep combustible decorations such as dried cornstalks and hay bales away from open flames such as candles in jack-o’-lanterns, heaters and light bulbs. Clear all home exits of Halloween decorations, and remove any obstacles in case people need to evacuate the house.
  • Avoid the risk of fire by using battery-operated candles for jack-o’-lanterns instead of the real thing. If you do use real candles, keep an eye on young trick-or-treaters on your property. Some kids wear bulky costumes that could come in contact with the flame. Position your jack-o’-lanterns away from the areas that will be frequented by trick-or-treaters.
  • Arm your trick-or-treaters with flashlights instead of torchlights or candles. Excited kids and open flames do not mix.
  • Avoid wearing costumes with long, trailing fabric. The material could easily brush over a candle and catch fire. If trick-or-treating children use masks, make sure that the eyeholes are big enough for them to see clearly so they don’t trip.
  • A happy occasion like Halloween should not end up in a disastrous fire. If you do experience fire in your home—whether related to Halloween or some unforeseen trigger—make sure to proceed with the cleanup process quickly. Though you may be able to remediate the damage from small fires, you should consult a professional in Utah fire clean up if the destruction is substantial. Trained and well-equipped Utah fire restoration crews can take care of the process safely and efficiently.


What are you decorations for Halloween? For sure, there’s pumpkin, candles, and dried cornstalks, right? Unfortunately, these are prone to fire that causes a lot of fire accidents during the season. So that fires won’t spoil your Halloween celebration, follow the practices presented by this infographic to safeguard your home from any fire incident.

Preventing Fire Caused by Halloween [infographic]