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If storms, high winds or heavy snow have wreaked havoc on your trees and property, call The Disaster Company for tree removal in Ogden. Will can quickly clear the debris and repair any damage caused by fallen trees and branches.

Tree And Stump Removal After A Storm

After a storm has moved through, quickly clearing downed trees and branches can prevent further damage to your property and remove threats to your safety. This can be hazardous work that should only be performed by experienced professionals using specialized equipment. The Disaster Company has trained, certified and insured personnel who can provide emergency cleanup and repair of the damage and are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once the fallen trees are removed, the remaining stumps can present a problem, not only aesthetically, but also because as they rot, they can attract insects, rats or raccoons to your yard or grounds. While the stumps of small, shallow-rooted trees can be removed by hand-digging, larger trees such as pine or oak have extensive or deep root systems and require specialized equipment or treatment that might present a safety hazard to the homeowner if attempted. The Disaster Company has experienced professionals who are skilled in analyzing your situation and employing these methods. For example, stump grinding with a commercial grade stump grinder removes the bole and visible roots several inches below the ground and leaves a flat surface which can be re-sodded or planted with flowers and shrubbery.

Removing Fallen Trees From Your Home or Building

When trees are downed during a storm, they can be extremely dangerous. The fallen or partially fallen trees can twist or shift without warning, and large trees that are resting on your building, aside from damage to the structure, can cause severe injury or death if cut. Since removing them can be hazardous to your safety, this should be performed only by our experienced professionals with specialized equipment.

Removing Trees From Power Lines

Downed power lines resulting from fallen trees can present a grave danger from electric shock since they can electrically charge the trees, limbs, metal fences and other objects which are located nearby. Metal fences can even hold the charge extending their entire length, even to adjacent properties. As this could present a significant risk to not only the life of the home or business owner, but also that of neighbors and passers-by, removal should be accomplished immediately and should only be handled by professionals. So when the stormy weather comes and the winds blow, rest assured that The Disaster Company in Ogden, Utah, is available any time, day or night, to clear fallen trees, clean up and restore your property.