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In 1896, Utah became the 45th state to be admitted to the U.S. The state is located in the western part of the country. It is the 13th largest state by size, with a total area of 84,899 square miles. Utah shares a boundary with Colorado to the east, Wyoming to the northwest, Idaho to the north, Arizona to the south, and Nevada to the west.

Utah is a major tourist destination because of the Wasatch Mountains, the Great Salt Lake and its picturesque national parks. It is also a transportation hub as well as a leader in mining and information technology and research. Utah has the second fasting-growing population of any U.S. state.

Utah lies in the rain shadows of the Sierra Nevada and Wasatch Mountains. The state’s placement in relation to these mountain ranges accounts for its dry weather during the summer months and above-normal precipitation and snowfall during the cold months. Because the state lies in the path of Pacific storms, the Pacific Ocean is the main source of its moisture. Wet winters and spring often result in extraordinary vegetation in the foothills and surrounding communities.

The wildfire season in Utah usually starts around Memorial Day, but wet winters, with their ground saturation and mountain snowpack, can delay the onset of the season. Delays from heavy winter precipitation allow for the buildup of fuel for brush fires, increasing the risk for summer wildfires.

Even when wildfire season comes on time, the green cover of the mountains and valleys will dry out at the onset of summer and provide ample kindling for late summer fires. Homeowners are advised to clear foliage 20 to 25 feet away from homes as a protection against fires.

A proactive community can save homes in the event of a wildfire. Neighbors should watch for fires in their area and report any signs of trouble. If fires do occur, property owners will need to clean the affected area thoroughly and then rebuild. The Disaster Company is your compassionate helper in cleaning up after a home fire. The company has trained personnel to execute safe and efficient fire cleanup in Utah.